Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 29, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll talk about "The Pagan Revival." This includes some of the recent history about the growth of spiritworkers identifying as Pagan. What factors may have brought about this Social Change? Is it good for the global consciousness? We'll include some of the insights and opinions of RJ Stewart, modern Pagan Writer and some of the current social trends that are occurring, that bring "pagan " ideals into useful application to mainstream society. We'll even try to site some of the work of T.Thorne Coyle, known on Wheel of Wonder for her work with Sharon Knight, but also a well respected pagan teacher and writer in her own right. This week will also include lots of new music from some of the musicians considered "most influential pagan musicians" currently in the scene. New music from Omnia, Faun, Emerald Rose, and The Moon and The Nightspirit, as well as SJ Tucker. Turn that dial to 89.3 FM this Sunday Morning and listen to Wheel of Wonder!

The fine picture to the right is a photograph by Peter J Stephenson.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 22, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll talk about Hellenic (Greek) Paganism in the modern age. There are many regional groups dedicated to this form of Paganism, I don't know of any groups in America practicing Hellenic Reclamation, but we will speak of The Hellenic Reclaiming Tradition, currently striving to survive against great discrimination in Modern Greece. I'll share modern Pagan Interpretations of the ancient Greek Gods. I will also introduce brand new tracks by Greek Musicians Daemonia Nymphe (big thanks to Louisa John Krol for suggesting this group to me). As well as other tracks from the collection carrying the Greek theme, including ones by Wendy Rule, Eleusyve productions, and Spiral Dance. Tune in to Wheel of Wonder, this Sunday Morning, Pacific Standard Time.
Picture to the right is one of the fantastic creations of Andy Park! To see his more current work (which might not be as pretty) jump to his website from here

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 8 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the legends and stories of that ever evocative and sometimes eerie avian avatar The Raven, his vain, but often seeking truth and justice cousin The Crow, and their mother of the darkening year; The Crone! Let your darker thoughts take flight through the grey and misty skies as we hear tales, stories, and songs about the gruesome, but gorgeous duo and the mother of Wisdom and Bones. This week's episode will feature stories from the Salish (rebroadcast with permission)and original writing from Edinburgh Writer, Scientist, and activist Samantha Fleming keeper of the website, new music from Peter Kater and new tracks from Wendy Rule. Arise with the Ravens Sunday morning on Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right was originally published on the Elfwood Science Fiction and Fantasy fan art site. As of the time of this entry I have not succeeded in finding the artist's name, please let me know if you do! I'll make a special entry giving them credit.