Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wheel of Wonder October 28, 2012

Samhain again, so soon?  Once again we've reached the end of the Celtic Year, and the spirits and the energies of the season are thought to be at their strongest for divining and communing, and remembering too.  The Ancestors are watching, some will say.  Halloween however has only very recently in the course of Human History developed its reputation for being "Scary and Evil."  These days perhaps, at least in the Western World, that may just be part of the strategy for selling candy, costumes and movies!
  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll speak about the true origins of Halloween, which I call Samhain and perhaps, once again tap in to the Taibhsear Tales I've shared with you in the past.
  We will also have an Interview with Jon and Melissa, the creative team behind Eleusyve productions' modern music interpretations of Alistair Crowley's Rites of Eleusis poems. Along the lines of the belief in connecting with Spirits and becoming  tuned in to Planetary energies Crowley wrote these ritual poems, with some info borrowed from the Hermetic order and a great deal of inspiration from  the Kabbalah tree of life.  This shows Crowley to also be capable of almost Bardic inspiration.  Eleusyve productions offers a more modern interpretation of these works and will be performing the "Rite of Sol" Rock Musical in Seattle, WA between November 2nd and 10th.
Happy Samhain and join me on the dawn of the Full Hunter's moon, this week on Wheel of Wonder!
  The Picture to the right came from a great blog called and I believe it was created by a man named Silent Owl, good blog, check it out here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wheel of Wonder October 14, 2012

Wow!  Summer stretched this year clear into mid-October.  Forest Fires even started getting a bit out of hand for Humans in the Northwest corner of what modern Bards call Turtle Island.  Thankfully, the rain has returned and things are shaping up to be an honest and admirable Autumn.

Lady Autumn claims the leaves from the trees
A sacrifice to feed future seeds
The Green Man reaches towards the blue
A sigh of silver, the cold wind blows through
Each Tree Spirit, more grand than me
boughs their head in this dance of leaves
So many birds, their dance, the dance of spring
they hear distant summer songs, and take to the wing
to follow pathways created by the errant breeze
Parties in emerald ballrooms is how they wish their winters away
crisp golden carpets do not offer them homes in which to stay.
But those in the tangles where green and yellow meet
they stay to remind us of Spring's magic feet.
We Humans must observe this, or how could Autumn ever be
more than death and dying, a moribund scene
but a song, or a movement, in life's changing symphony

---Ray (Mabon 2012)

I enjoy the Autumn very much, always seemed to me a time for change, not death.  A time for new things.  This week on Wheel of Wonder I hope to bring new music from Sharon Knight, Wendy Rule, and other indy artists.  As the world is all a great place of interconnectedness, I expect within these expressions to find a message that flows through the waves of song and connects then with a common thread, and I look forward to sharing that with you.  Thank you to those who called in last week during the KAOS Fall membership drive, please consider donating if you haven't, I cannot think of very many free form radio stations out there  besides the one I'm allowed to bring you Wheel of Wonder on!  KAOS is so commited to Free Form Radio, they've lost several corporate sponsors, because they won't "change to a more regular format" (Like all Jazz, Classical, or House Music) as some public stations do.  This Indy Media could use your support (Would you ever expect to hear Wheel of Wonder on NPR really?). 
 As always, if there is something you would really like to talk about/research/share on Wheel of Wonder, or some incredible independent music you'd like me to play email me, please at: or post on this blog.  Thank you for listening!
Next Week on Wheel of Wonder, I'll be doing my part to bring you the broadcast for the Annual Homelessness Marathon  on KAOS 89.3fm

The picture above, to the right is entitled Autumn Rayne and was found on DeviantArt. Created by Derek Emmons