Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wheel of Wonder July 14,2013

Vendana Shiva says, in her article for YES! magazine "Everything I need to know, I learned in the Forest."
This week, we'll explore that idea on Wheel of Wonder.  What does the Forest teach us?  Well, first off its a closed system, a cycle if you will, the Forest wastes nothing all that dies adds nutrients to the soil that all the still living lifeforms (in this I am referring to plants too) utilize for food and often shelter (for example, insects and animals inside the hollow log).  We can also see new trees growing on the remains of rotting stumps or logs:  nurse logs.  Even the old and strong trees can on occasion, be completely burnt through the middle and still live and grow, and even offer homes to Bats and Owls.  I know of at least one cedar tree just like that, it stands near a stream, and on occasion I've been known to go set within it, gathering my thoughts.  So what does a Forest teach us about life?  Its very existence is a living expression of the interconnected web of all life, and isn't Human society a lot like that too?  Something to think about next time you're in the Forest.  Or
when you listen to Wheel of Wonder,  I hope you'll engage the Journey.