Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wheel of Wonder December 26, 2010

This week's Wheel of Wonder will be a Healing Journey. After what some people may find a very stressful "Christmas" week, wouldn't it be nice to talk of Healing?
The Holistic healing movement: seeking to heal Humanity through energy use and the achieving of Balance between the Mind, Body and Spirit is a wonderful movement for the greater good of Humanity. There are in this world, practitioners of Crystal Healing, Reiki (energy) Healing, and Healing through sound. I'll try to cover all of these approaches to healing Cohesively, this week on Wheel of Wonder. There will still be lots of great music , and we'll try again this week to speak to Bard and Healer Jane Valencia. Tune in for a message of hope and possibility, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

I love this picture of the Healing Hands, but I've not yet found the artist who created it. Help me if you can.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 19, 2010

Merry Silver Solstice from Wheel of Wonder! This week's broadcast is the one closest to Midwinter's Eve in the Northern Hemisphere, so you can expect a Yule program!

Whether its called Alban Arthuan, Yule, or the deep midwinter, it is also known as the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year when all seems darkest, but as in many different cultures , on the very darkest night the Sun is reborn as the baby sun king! Bringer of light and hope! Even while the land seems to lie sleeping and in the Northern Hemisphere, the brow of the Goddess has turned pale as frost and sometimes the wind is deathly cold. Light is returning. But Winter has a quiet beauty to it also and brings many people together around the fire or into our homes, as we celebrate the Holidays.

On this week's Wheel of Wonder, we'll talk about the beliefs of solstice recognized by the Druids and Pagans, and perhaps others as well, as I take us on a journey of Celtic, Holiday Music. Music that carries the beauty of the cerulean winter sky, the calm silence of the falling snow, and the festivity of the Troubadour.

This week we will also check in again with Jane Valencia, Bard and Healer, as our live holiday guest. Jane will speak with us about Healing Harp, Medicine Animal and Medicine Plant lore, and perhaps even Home Schooling one's children to include an understanding of Earth's Sacred Nature in their educational upbringing. Hear Hope and Joy this week on Wheel of Wonder!
The beautiful picture above is from the Crystalinks the science and metaphysics Website, artist unknown.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wheel of Wonder December 12, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder its "Into the Starry Morn." Its a time of moonlight, starlight and early morning frost. These dark days of Washington winter one can wake up in the dark, even when its a normal morning wake-up time, go about one's day and come home when its dark again(about 4:30pm)!

Its the time of cold wind, Crows and the long , rainy, or starry night. How would the Ancients see such times? Would their views make sense to us, inform us now? This week we'll speak of Air Spirits, The symbolic powers of the birds, and awe of the starry night. What beings may dwell in them? You can also look forward to hearing Folk Music, Celtic Music, Appalachian Music, Bardic Stories, yes, Holiday Music and even New Age ambiant sound. Good for a cold Sunday morning. Please join me this week on Wheel of Wonder!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wheel of Wonder December 5, 2010

Last week on wheel of Wonder we explored the concept of place spirits, especially in the sense of that experience many of us have had of being "watched" in the Forest and having a favorite tree we like to sit by. Well, from the place Spirit perspective Trees have their favorite Humans too!
I also put forth the idea that perhaps there is wisdom in accepting the possibility of place spirits for perhaps there is some truth in the idea that if people everywhere started seeing the earth as a place of sacred Spirits, we as a whole Human Race may see ourselves living in a world of greater social and environmental justice. I also shared a story of Merlin "the Prophet" by RJ Stewart from the book Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids by RJ Stewart and Robin Williamson (1996 Blandford, UK). I post this now to give opportunity to comment for those who may have tuned in to the show Sunday. Thank you for listening to Wheel of Wonder!
The beautiful picture to the right is: A Magic Photo – River Spirits
Do you see the spirit face….and the white bird….? RiverRest magic….and Rainbow Heart Healing Arts….sharing the magic with you! From Debra Rainbow Heart, healing Shaman.