Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wheel of Wonder May 4, 2014

The wheel turns and we are moving beyond Beltane.  In this part of the world it has been very hot, a few days at a time, and then raining for a bit, the rain cools things down, its rhythm can put you to sleep in the nighttime, and the people with allergies receive a break from the assault of pollen.  The Oak tree out my window went from budding to leafy in only one day!  In the land down under our friends Louisa John Krol, Adrienne Piggot, and Wendy Rule are moving past Samhain, and into the dark part of the year.  The balance remains true. 
Those of you who feel the pounding of the earth's heart and the flow of her plant children's energy whether it seems to be slowing and sleeping, or budding with the quickening, undoubtedly have a firm grasp of we as Humans live in relationship with all other lives on this earth.  Interestingly, this is one of the transformational processes often attributed to the transition from the age of Pisces, to the age of Aquarius, mentioned in my last post.  Perhaps it is also the true feeling of compassion and connection.
  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll be addressing the idea of Men who live outside of the "Man-Box"compassionate souls who understand that being a truly effective man includes living a life of compassion and caring for others, not just a life of competition and commanding the other.
Kozo Hatori is a man who wrote a very inspirational article on this for YES magazine, he observed, or reflected:
"I remember being a very compassionate child. While watching "The Little House on the Prairie," I cried my eyes out when Laura couldn’t give Pa a Christmas gift. But 12 years of physical abuse and being forced to the confines of the “act-like-a-man box” wrung most of that compassion out of me by the time I reached adulthood.
I knew I had to change. I started with empathy, which led me to compassion. I committed to a daily meditation practice,  and completed a 10-day silent meditation retreat. I read and researched everything I could find on compassion.  I found that the more compassion I felt, the happier I became." (, from Spring 2014)
Also this week, in partial celebration of Beltane, and love and compassion as well.  We will have an Interview and Poetry reading from Malachi Wavebreaker, OBOD member and poet/writer of the book:  The Voyager of Cardinal Water, A love story.
Compassion is a wonderful Human strength, celebrate it while celebrating Beltane and the Love of the Lord and Lady, in whatever form you experience them.

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