Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wheel of Wonder January 13, 2013

There I go again not posting for a while.  My apologies to those who have been following.  Have you heard?  We may have entered a new age of the Human experience.  It is believed to be an age of greater compassion and a greater sense of interconnectedness and perhaps seeing things from a different perspective in regards to the wisdom of our collective human past and all of the cultures and ancestry that have made us who we are today. Many believe that finally, the quick march of Industrial progress has led us to a place of potential jeopardy (Global Warming, Cancer, Pollution, Too much stress on the Earth's Ecosystems, too many people) were we HAVE to stop a moment and look back on how we've reached this point, and how we should perhaps take a new path, more Human and Nature centered, less focused on Money and GDP (which is, in its essence, just a measurement have how quickly/how often a society can acquire and resell its own natural resources, and at what profit for the few people who put that money into interest bearing accounts). 
Over the past three years of Wheel of Wonder, I've been sharing the viewpoints of the Earth spiritualist movements, indigenous beliefs, modern paganism, and new age spirituality.  In the hopes that others may not as easily see the natural world in terms of money and GDP. Another part of the effort has been to clarify the modern Pagan viewpoint, de-mystify beliefs and rituals of the sacred which are not within the mainstream Abrahamic religions, and give everyone a reason to consider "wait a minute, it sounds like these Pagans, Gurus, and Indigenous peoples are not evil or homicidal, or devil worshiping after all."  Hopefully, along the way, I shared an idea with you that could help lead you to your own spiritual truth, after you heard something on Wheel of Wonder that seemed to make sense to you.
You may also just enjoy good, mostly independent, multi-genre music.  As we continue into our fourth year, I intend to continue doing all of these things, as well as sharing the insights of science and spirituality that coincide together (at least in a qualitative, if not quantitative fashion), and new writing and interviews , not always based on the work of musicians, though Wheel of Wonder will still be a mostly music show.  Come along and join me as we continue the journey on Wheel of Wonder.

PS:  I've been double checking the links, some need updating, this year, I'll be doing that too as well as updating/resurrecting the on site playlist.