Monday, June 18, 2012

Wheel of Wonder Beltane to Litha

Yes indeed the Wheel keeps turning.  Now we come back to the bright part of the year!  Sometimes this time of the year also seems like a time of new learning.  I've learned a bit about Epigenetics, which includes, among many deeper ideas, The idea that one's entire life course is not necessarily pre-determined by the DNA code you were born with.  One of the ideas this puts forward is that changing one's living environment, and lifestyle may also heal and change you on a molecular level.  Interesting.  The beginnings of a Scientific basis to prove (or at least accomodate) the well-known "New Age" idea "The Law of Attraction." I've learned of new findings of huge Limestone Caves in various parts of the world, underground, but with shafts of sunlight beaming through sinkholes above and plants, animals, and microclimates living within.  Much like the "Hollow Hills" or, the underground faerie lands of the sidhe and such folk of Celtic Legend.  Perhaps one day we will all learn that Science and Magic are more closely related than we first believed?  Time will tell....
Thanks to everyone who listens to Wheel of Wonder, and all of you who are patient enough to check back on this blog from time to time.  I'm still working to bring more thinkers, healers and writers onto the show, but in the meantime, I'll still bring you good music and the occasional new Link to look into your interests!  Summer Blessings!
----Radio Ray

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