Friday, August 31, 2012

Wheel of Wonder September 2, 2012

September already?  Well, August was a good month for study.  I've been thinking about Ascension, as a path to spiritual evolution.  Many Ascensionists find channeled information a great path towards insight and learning, and there are very many channelers out in the world, working to share their insights and knowledge.  Sometimes it may seem hard to know if those who are considered "Mediums"  for more highly evolved spirits are indeed truly channelers.  Be that as it may, it would be good to listen to what they have to say, open, or at least broad mindedly, for there may be some wisdom in their words, once one works past the spooky bugaboo of "are they for real, or not?"  What do their words say?  Does that make sense to you?  If so, consider it.  I love bringing you what information I find, but the path to each person's unique truth, that which speaks to their spirit, that is a journey they must take themselves.
This week I'll be sharing some of the words believed to be channelled from other spirits, and more great music from independent and expansively thinking artists. For more, please listen to Wheel of Wonder (
The picture above is of a set of crop circles I found compiled on the ufomystic blog.  Some channeled information states some crop circles are placed in the fields of Earth to help Humans expand there thinking beyond this, the 3rd Dimension, even perhaps placed here by beings in fourth, fifth, or sixth dimensional existence.