Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wheel of Wonder January 5, 2014

The Sun is returning (as we knew it would), and hopefully everyone has determined their intentions so they can be brought forth into the light, or realized, as the brighter warmer days of the year begin showing signs of arrival.  This year's New years day (January 1, on the Roman Calendar) was also a new moon, a traditional time for people on some spiritual paths (Wiccan among them) to make a wish, or, yes, set an intention that , with some effort, will achieve fruition by the time of the full moon of January (the night of the 16th).  According to some interpretations of the Druid's Tree Calendar it is the Birch Moon: Birch of beginnings, release, renewal, change (as per some of Birch's Ogham associations).  How perfect a New Year's Esbat is that?  This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll bring you music of healing and renewal to start the "New Year", even though for some of us, the new year started just after Samhain, but intentions of healing and renewal are always good!  May your spirit find strength within the coming Year!

The picture above is from a free Iphones wallpaper website.