Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wheel of Wonder Twelfth Night Post

Welcome to Wheel of Wonder midwinter blog. I write this in the middle of the Twelfth Night Celebrations. The original "12 days of Christmas" fall between the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the Roman New Year (about December 21 - January 1). Its the time of the Saturnalia, Alban Artuan, The Festivals of Lights, and Yule! Last week I shared the silversongs of solstice, and the response was great. Nearly 1/2 dozen phone calls (unusual for an early Sunday Morning). I had occasion to share information on observances of the Solstice and neo-pagan public rituals of the modern age! It also was an occasion for Poetry, inspired by the season.

as Math, son of Mathonwy
would hear it on the wind
so do I...

The snowy whoosh of winter
skis shooshing down their tracks
Thrilling the wind as they ride
smoothly down curvaceous hillsides

The Hare has turned ivory white
The pale Lynx follows
pounces fast
Icy, wintry jaws of death
clamp down

like the crusty snow, surrounding limbs
of the sacred, naked, oaken tree
a haze of frost paints needley fingers
of the silver-blue, and dark green trees

The fir tree has its winter coat too
and bobbles, bangles, and ribbons as well
dressed for its wake
after its final, deadly fall
And yes they celebrate that too

all this, I hear
I hear it on the wind

written by Ray, solstice 2011

I hope you enjoy the blog, and Wheel of Wonder. Now going into its third year!
The picture to the right was found on a great blog: celtic

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wheel of Wonder December 11, 2011

This week we had a Lunar eclipse upon the Full Moon. The night began clear, white frost covered the rooftops glowing in a sparkling blue hue underneath the pale moonlight. Enchanting. Then a misty presence began to form in the night sky, it became cloudy. as the Lunar eclipse began, it looked as though the moon was ducking behind her ethereal vail, so far away in fact she seemed to disappear from sight. Then the misty clouds would move and there she drifted, one more portion of her surface hidden behind the penumbral shadow. I lay awake watching the shadow dance, feeling that energy and wondering..."Am I know present in a time when it would be good to work with one's shadowself?"

The penumbral eclipse, for those who follow the craft of Moon Magic is considered a strong time for craftwork. It is seen by some as a time when the sun and the moon are in perfect union. Some choose this time to work with the dark goddess, while others choose to work with the Sidhe, the Shining ones and Fairy Magic. As one watches the lunar eclipse through the lens of envisioning the threefold Goddess, one sees her go through all three of her phases from rebirth through renewal, to finally, feminine strength. Joining with the shadow of the masculine as the sun plays its part.

This week on Wheel of Wonder, we'll journey through the theme of Moon Music and the story of Pan and Artemis, ending in the ritual of the full moonlight dance. All this through independent music and sourcework of pagan writers, craftworkers, commentators on line, and in print. Enjoy the soundscape, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

The picture to the right is from Starry

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wheel of Wonder December 2011

As the year is drawing to a close, I am already resolving to post more often on the Wheel of Wonder site. As the moon and the seasons change, so is Wheel of Wonder changing. Honestly the whole world is changing, look at the occupy movement and the surprisingly recent recognition in the UK of Druidism being a recognized religion, instead of a cultural celebration, as I understand it used to be. Times like these it seems the world is out of balance, but change is afoot. In the near future of Wheel of Wonder I'll not only be covering the interesting perspectives of Bards and Earth Spiritualists, but the rather New age, but still important, ascension ideas as well. I will also try to bring you info about the economic and cultural progressives ever more common in this twenty-first century world.
I feel concepts like Geomancy, multiple dimensions, and energy work are worthwhile topics for Wheel of Wonder too! Don't worry, I'll still bring you great independent music from Bards and Earth Spiritualists, share legends and stories, and interviews with artists, but now, Interviews with writers, spiritual thinkers and environmentalists as well. This truly is a time of wonder. Thank you for taking some of your time to join me on this journey!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wheel of Wonder October 15,2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder its the Fall Membership drive for KAOS!
KAOS is the great community radio station that has enabled me to bring you Wheel of Wonder since 2009! If you like what I'm trying to do with this Pagan/New Age/Environmental outreach radio show. Please pledge money to keep the wheels turning.
The whole world is turning, I like to think, into a better more spiritual place. People are waking up and getting fed up with the status quo of Corporate Consumption, Religious Persecution, and Environmental Degradation. Independent voices, songs and stories, like you can find on this community radio station are helping to move this process of global growth along. I hope you'll support these efforts. I also hope all of these wonderful artists whether they be from America, Australia, Canada, northern Europe, or the UK,will help in these efforts to share this good message and give a greater voice to their songs and philosophies with their own donations too!
I was looking over this blog and website again before deciding what to post. Wheel of Wonder has evolved and I have also changed in the past few years. It will soon be time to reflect that in this blog. It will still be about Music, Spirituality, pagan and progressive, and wonderful independent music, but I'm beginning to see there is more poetry and philosophy to share. So it will be changing . This time though, for this membership drive, I'm going to take it back to its roots as expressed in the introduction.
This Sunday I will be sharing stories and songs in musical form throughout the whole episode. Once again you can hear Fiontullach, SJ Tucker, and yes of course Damh too, on this episode of Wheel of Wonder! Please tune in and help keep the discs turning and the message continuing on its journey this membership drive week on Wheel of Wonder!

The fine Celtic Design above and to the right was found on the website: Coolchaser

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wheel of Wonder October 2, 2011

Greetings again! Thanks for your patience in waiting for my posts. At Home PC's are expensive! According to the language of nature in this part of the world, the wheel has turned and we've moved into Autumn again. The time of the Oak king is "Past and Passing" (as the Tarot readers would say). But he'll return. The Holly Lord is preparing to take the crown. Of course I'm speaking of the Dynamic, Active energy of Nature, the "Male" polarity if you will.
I've just recently come across a fine meditative/Cyclical approach to engaging the Green Man from the perspective of the honorable Druid/ Author John Matthews. Its about change and "the song of the Green Man, and how Humans engage this aspect of Nature. We''ll share some of that with you this Week on Wheel of Wonder.
And, in the spirit of change, and the past and passing aspects of this civilization we humans live in, I will also share with you some essays of activists from a book I recently found in my local Peace and Justice Library. What are the next generation of Adults and Young Adults doing to put an end to Tyranny in the 21st Century? Especially, what Non-Violent actions are they taking in the face of violence from "The Old Order?" These are Hopeful essays.
Of Course, we will also be hearing lots of great Folk Rock, Rock,New Age, and Pagan Music just as you would expect from Wheel of Wonder! The Wheel starts a'turning at 7Am PST this Sunday Morning on KAOS Olympia 89.3 fm. Streaming at I hope you'll join me for the Journey.

The Picture of the Autumn Green Man/Druid (see the symbol behind?) was found on this site. Artist unknown to me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wheel of Wonder August - September 4, 2011

Has it really been a month since I posted on Wheel of Wonder? August has come and gone, in the Northwest it was finally the month of Summer. As we're going through the clear 8o degree Farenhiet days here, the evenings are beginning to be coller and some few leaves are becoming blushed with the tinge of Autumn. But the Cedar still stands, grand in her stillness and the creak still runs, laughing across the river rocks.
The people involved in the Community Supported Agriculture movement are finally sharing their produce, bountiful enough in my opinion, to show a slow recovery from two rough summers for farmers. Many more farm stands are appearing now as people look toward their local farmers for food, a pleasent cultural movement, better for the environment.

The Earth seems out of balance sometimes. Climates changing, glaciers melting, Natural Disasters occuring, Its the 21st Century. The world's not the same as it once was. Many Lightworkers and like minded people will tell you these changes, especially the ones called Natural Disasters, are a matter of the Earth getting herself back in balance, as Gaia moves into a different physical relationship with the flow of energy in the Universe.

There is also a belief that we as Humans have the ability to relieve Gaia of some of this stress, and excess energy of the changing electromagnetic field , and the stronger shift of the continental plates, that some relate to the over mining/extraction of oil. As sure as Humans can feel the pull of the Spirit on their concepts of existence, Humans can also channel these energetic changes through their bodies, when they work in cooperation with others, in rituals often referred to as Magic, provided they then complete their ritual through creating healing energy for the Earth Mother in return.

At the same time the Human power of the intellect can adapt and create new techniques and technologies for seeing all our basic needs met, and new ways to teach ourselves, through cooperation with others to become resilient to the damage of these natural disasters. This is a balance of Science and Magic. Perhaps exactly what we need to learn in this; the 21st century.

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll be talking about balance and adaptation, punctuated as best I am able, by the fine Earth Spiritualist and Expansive thinking styles of music you've come to expect from Wheel of Wonder!

The Picture above is called "Presence of Gaia" and is by Josephine Wall

(Promise I really will try not to ever let so much time pass again between postings!)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wheel of Wonder July 24 -31 2011

The Wheel Spins and so we've reached Lughnasadh and Lammas, The Time of the first harvest, although here in the Northwest we've had such a cold, wet Summer, just about all of our harvestable crops are running a bit behind! This reminds me of a presentation about climate change I had attended while pursuing my Masters in Environmental Science Degree. The presenter explained one of the likely results of Climate Change on the Northwest could be shorter, wetter Summers and earlier Autumns. I've been watching the trees. The trees always know what time of the year it is, and seem to stubbornly follow their usual yearly cycles at the appointed times regardless of we misguided Humans and our altering of the climate through pollution. So it was no surprise to me the other day when I saw my first advertised as "zero emissions" compact car in town and it was called the "Leaf." (put out by Nissan). Maybe, as the Druids would advocate, people can and are learning wisdom from the Trees.

But what about this obscure (to some) holiday called Lughnasadh, or Lammas? What's that about then? One thing that occurs in my experience (over and over again) is that this time of the first harvest is also the symbolic death of the Oak King, Some would call him John Barleycorn, the Green man turned Golden, or call this shift of seasons the rise of the Holly King. It is the time when the wisdom of the Paternal, the survivor, the thoughtful and insightful aspects of the male polarity of nature come into power, harsh yet wise, to help us through the winter. It is another one of those 'times in between" of ritual, and sacrifice, as referred to in song and legend and in the burning of the Wicker Man (strikingly not similar to the Hollywood movie of the same name).

We still can look forward to the great festivals of Mabon; the Autumn Harvest, and we can also still enjoy the hot, sunny days of the late summer. Last week on Wheel of Wonder I covered Lughnasadh well in song and thought and story. This week, while I'm out experiencing the long last days of Summer and perhaps some of the rituals that go with it, friend to Wheel of Wonder; Bridgit will be sitting in for me from 7am-10am, spinning Celtic Music for your listening pleasure. Still festive jigs and reels wot? I'll return next week to Wheel of Wonder. Happy Lughnasadh, Lammas, Vacation, or whatever you might call it. Thanks for listening to Wheel of Wonder, and following the blog!

Hot new tunes to check out;

Pipes of Pan (CD)

Australian Musicians Louisa John Krol, Wendy Rule, Adrienne Piggot, Dandelion Wine, and many more created this tape , produced in connection with P.A.N; The Pagan Awareness Network (International Not-for-Profit). Check out this Link

---Radio Ray

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wheel of Wonder July 10-17, 2011

Ever wondered about those famous divinities the Tuatha De Danann? They are the Children of Danu, The original Irish Celtic Gods, Led by Nuada, the Dagda, and Lugh. Last week I came on the air at 6:45 am to share the stories of the Tuatha De Danann, Their Conquest of the Firbolg and the striking similarities we find between the names and legends of these Celtic Gods and some of the Legends, and Stories, and Gods of Wales. There is even a Similarity between the Cauldron of the Dagda, The Cauldron of Cerridwynn, and the Magic Sampo of the Finnish Pagan Legends! Interestingly enough, the Tuatha De Danann are described in legend as coming from the Cities to the North, with the four Talismans that helped them achieve their victory. These Treasures: The Cauldron, the Sword, The Rock of Fal, and The Spear of Lugh are universal archetypes for the ancient Treasures of the Spirit World, versions of which are even used in Rituals and Tarot readings today. They exist in both British and other Celtic traditions of Legend and Symbiology.
I enjoyed starting early to share the information. This week I aim to be starting at 6:30 am PST on KAOS, or streaming live at This week we'll have a veritable Cornucopia of good music, great legend and philosophy riding the airwaves, an amalgamation of many themes and philosophies we've met on the past two years and some months of the Journey. Please listen in on Wheel of Wonder this week from about 6:30 am to 10am on KAOS Olympia Community Radio!
The picture to the right is of a road at Cascade Pass, WA. Photograph by Ed Farell

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wheel of Wonder June 26, 2011 - July 3, 2011

This week Wheel of Wonder Begins at 7am on KAOS89.3fm, streaming at (though there may be a glitch in the stream around 9am, I understand. But its supposed to be a short one)
Last week on Wheel of Wonder I was inspired to share a bit of information about Druids and The Sacred Grove (A good place to revisit from time to time). This week I'll be sharing a Pagan Approach to the Fourth of July "Independence Day" in the USA.
I mentioned last year, around this time that Fourth of July, from a Pagan Perspective is much like a Fire Festival and Rite Of Passage. A Rite of Passage for the creation of a new country. Even today though this country celebrates War , even more than Humanitarianism, or Art. There have been some improvements over the past Century or so, in this but it seems like there is still a long ways to go. Let's not forget the Wars and even some injustices that led to the Independence of the United States of America.
Forgetting the past dooms one to repeat it in the Future. So I will have a section of Wheel of Wonder Today that is dedicated to the memory of what some of the Indigenous people went through as this country was formed. As well as other interesting information about Fire Festivals and Rites of Passage (from several cultures, not just modern America) . I'll have new music from Heather Dale and some great World Music for you this week on Wheel of Wonder! Join me for an ear pleasing, culturally expansive show this Week!

The picture to the right is called Fire Festival and I found it on another blog called "Secret Sun" that also speaks somewhat about Pagan and New Age subject matter.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wheel of Wonder June 5 - June 19, 2011

Time to get caught up on the Blog Again! For starters; Happy Litha! Merry Alban Hefin! This week's Wheel of Wonder is the episode closest to The Summer Solstice, so thats what this Wheel of Wonder will be about. Solstice is known by many names Vestalia, St. John's Day, Whitsuntide, and even Sun Blessing. Cold as this Summer's been most of the time in the Great Northwest so far, we sure would like to be blessed by the sun, with the occasional Rain, to keep things clean and smelling nice. The two aspects of this Sabbat I'll be focusing on both recognize the joy of celebrating the warmer days of Summer, and the strength of the Masculine Polarity of Nature"The Sun God"if you will, and bringing this sense of being part of the active outdoors into your being, to bring out your internal flame (passion, desire, creativity) and live fully in synchronicity with nature in this phase of the year. I hope our music and information this week will help you to feel this and consider this dynamic perspective so your Summer will be more fulfilling and worthwhile! This week we'll have new Music from Heather Dale too!
Time notice: Wheel of Wonder is running this week from 8am to 10am Pacific Standard(Seattle, WA. USA) time.
Heather Dale, Wendy Rule, and SJ Tucker all three put on a wonderful concert in this area last week, Heather Dale strikes me much like a traditional Celtic Bard, her music does reflect this. Sj Tucker was as wonderful as ever, and if you had the opportunity to tune in last week I hope you to heard the Interview with Wendy Rule, a woman who has a sense of Spiritual Existence as deep and rich as the voice she brings to her songs! These artists are all performing at the Faerieworlds Festival in Mt Pisgah, OR. USA this weekend.
And of course, on the weekend of the 5th, we explored the importance of Place Spirits and this belief system's incredible ability to connect people deeply and respectfully with the land they live, walk, and travel through life with. We even covered some of the importance of Genus Loci, especially as relates to the Bards of the British Druid Order within the Seattle Area, how "Pugetia and Pugetius (the Genus Loci; or place spirits)" relate to their philosophy in relationship to this region. Many fine subject matters on Wheel of Wonder, I hope you'll travel the stream or the radio waves to join us, and even expand your awareness through the many links to Music and Information you find on this site!
The picture of Stonehenge above is from I do not know the credibility of this site, but there is a lot of information there.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am the Hero of my own Destiny and the writer of my own Mystic Story.

I travel as a Shaman, I walk the path as a Bard.

You may see me as a Hunchback

A pale, displaced Kokopelli

Walking through the Salish's Ancestral Land's

That hump on my back is the Harp I bear.

My companions you see, are

The Crow, The Raven

The Dragonfly and The Stag

I carry the seeds of Community

Intent to plant them where I walk

I seek the Elusive Awen

and carry the message of the Bard

I am one who likes the Hearth and Home

But Wait....

The Trees are beginning to sing to me

Do you hear them?

Then let us sing together..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wheel of Wonder May 29, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll be sharing information about two Celtic Mystic traditions; that of the Ciele De and that of the Irish Traditional Witchcraft. We'll hear about some of these two paths approach to Spirituality and some striking similarities between their viewpoints, Druidic perspectives, and even ascension practices. We will also be hearing new (to Wheel of Wonder) music by Fiona Davidson; now Fiontulach: she now serves in a capacity similar to "Mother Superior" of the Ciele De tradition. She has written many articles and essays about her path, and this "Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition."
Reminder: this is the last week of Wheel of Wonder being in the 6am-9am Pacific Standard timeslot, next week, we'll be moving to the 8am-10am timeslot; but still on KAOS 89.3fm, streaming live at
The beautiful Mandala to the right this time was created by Nigel Pennick. Check out his work here

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Award winning" Wheel of Wonder is moving

Hello again everyone. Time for some more posting what? First I'd like to take a minute to thank KAOS Olympia Community Radio for putting together another volunteer appreciation potluck. I have to tell you, with around 100 volunteer producers at this community radio station, it is really great to have the opportunity to "find the faces that match the voice" for all the great diverse programming this little FM station in Northwest North America pumps out along the airwaves and through the computer stream! (check it out yourself at I am also thankful to my fellow Producers and the Staff at the station for voting Wheel of Wonder "Best Show in a tough time slot."(tied with the Punk Show "Campfire Island", which most Saturday nights actually, shuts down the station a few hours before I fire it up again on Sunday morning) I have a nicely framed certificate now to put on my wall, and even more good feeling for the time and energy that goes into this radio program. Hazzah!
I am thankful for the opportunity.
This Sunday; May 29, 2011 is the last time, for a while, that Wheel of Wonder will be starting at 6 am PST on Sunday mornings. The station Schedule is being modified and Wheel of Wonder will be moving to the new timeslot of 8am-10am Sunday Mornings, PST instead, beginning June 5th, 2011. That's two hours later than the current start time, but I'll still be there, perhaps with more listeners? Time will tell.
Sadly, this also means that New Dimensions, the show that follows mine will no longer be on Sunday Mornings from 9am-10am. If you regularly listen to Michael and Justine Thoms after Wheel of Wonder, and would like to hear it on at another day and time (this is a Station Management decision, not mine) please do contact KAOS General Manager Jerry Drummond at 360-867-6895 during regular business hours or Email
I am very glad to be able to keep bringing you Wheel of Wonder, even at two hours instead of three (unless I sneak in early at 7am until the 6-8am slot is filled) and it gives me a chance to move the interviews to 9am, so perhaps more people can hear them. I have interviews with Wendy Rule and Christopher Penczak coming up in June. Hope you'll catch them! Thanks for continuing to follow and comment on the Wheel of Wonder blog. Hope your catching the show on air or streaming!

Radio Ray

the picture above and to the right is a blue Triskelion from a website of Mandalas called

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wheel of Wonder May 8 - 15, 2011

Hello again

This is another compilation post to the Wheel of Wonder blog. Last week I did a Mother's Day special on Wheel of Wonder the focus was of course on honoring mothers and the Mother goddess. It is too bad lack of easy access to a home PC circumvented my posting here for responses. I received some very good messages through my Email:
I'll share a little of them with you, leaving the senders anonymous, unless they should contact me and say "why don't you put up my whole message?" In which case, I will.

"....the true meaning of Mother's Day. It's not how we all blew it out for Hallmark and $. I enclosing again. We should worship Mothers EVERYDAY, EVERY MINUTE, Not just once a year, as well as everyone celebration/holy day.
From Marianne Williamson: "Mother's Day started when mothers from the South who'd lost sons during the Civil War joined with mothers from the North who'd lost sons in the war, trying to inspire the women of the world to stop war altogether. Let's make Mother's Day a day when we all make a stand for peace, beginning with where we stand within ourselves..." (& you thought Hallmark Cards began it?)"
and another:
Goddess Isis – Early Egyptian Roots
One of the earliest historical records of a society celebrating a Mother deity can be found among the ancient Egyptians, who held an annual festival to honor the goddess Isis, who was commonly regarded as the Mother of the pharaohs. Her stern, yet handsome head is typically crowned by a pair of bull horns enclosing a fiery sun orb. She is most often depicted sitting on a throne.

Last week I mentioned the creator/destroyer/ rebirthing Mother Goddess Icon. In a positive way of course, Death can just be another word for the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. In the process of this I mentioned revisiting the Yoruban episode of Wheel of Wonder. Yoruba is of course Traditional, pre-christian African religion, and still exists though through some changes today. So this week I will be running a Wheel of Wonder with three philosophies of interest: Yoruba, Santeria, and Voodoo. Spooky huh? Well, hopefully not by the time I'm done sharing the information and music with you. Its always good to see things broadmindedly what? Misconceptions can sometimes cause greater problems down the road for people outside of mainstream religion. If something on Wheel of Wonder strikes your interest, investigate it yourself , intelligence intact, and enjoy Wheel of Wonder.

The picture above and to the right is "Isis" by Linda Hunt. Check out her Gallery here

Saturday, April 30, 2011


The ancient woods carry a silence
A hush that feels sacred
The wind will brush the branches, needles, and leaves
Whispering the wonders of Spirit
While the Birds communicate through their songs
A sacred ancient chorus
Sacred Silence isn't always unheard
It's the sound of the Earth and her place in the Universe
Reminding we Humans we are part of the all
Yes, I understand the language of birds
It's not of normal Human talk
As ancient Eddas may seek to claim
The birds are too far removed from Human expression
It is the Humans who must interpret the birds
We are the ones who listen to the wind
The wind that brushes the branches, needles, and leaves
Carries the birds and their sacred chorus
from tree to tree to tree
This is how they honor them
The Trees in return, offer the birds their protection
They tell them "Welcome home."
" With our wisdom and our strength, we will protect you"
The sacred silence of the Forest
Broken, yet completed, by the heavenly chorus of birds
Would that Humans should listen to the Trees
How honest it seems to have lovingly tended the forests
for Holy millennium, as many have done
How disconnected it seems for some to despoil them
for a short greedy era, beneficial to few
I think this as I walk through ancient silence
In the hush that feels sacred
On a journey for the soul

Written by Ray
Beltane Eve, 2011

Wheel of Wonder April 24 to Beltane, 2011

Happy Beltane! Another multiple week blog, as home PCs can be quite expensive. Its great to be blogging again on this Beltane Eve! This is the second annual Beltane show on Wheel of Wonder. Wheel of Wonder landed in its first weekly timeslot on KAOS shortly after Beltane 2009. That particular episode was not a Beltane show though. It has been my pleasure to bring you many broadcasts since then. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can still here Wheel of Wonder streaming online at just adjust your listening time to whatever time occurs at the same moment that is 6am Sunday Morning Pacific Northwest (Seattle) time. Here's a helpful site for that: world clock meeting planner.
Beltane is a time for celebrations and new awakenings! It is the time of the great dance of life between the God and the Goddess; the male and female polarity within us all. The inimitable time of the year when one can feel Nature's energy of spring, most intensely.
We began speaking of new awakenings last week through the story of the character Ayve. Ayve is an individual who walks toward us out of fables untold, he was a person who felt an acute compassion, or love of nature, but lived on a planet where people blinded by greed misused his mother planets natural resources, and he hunted down these perpetrators with the intention of bringing them to justice. Well, Ayve lives on a planet where magic is afoot and it was after a time of learning from the realm of spirit that he met other who sought to protect nature too. He then soon learned that he was part of the whole and that more people sought to protect his world than those who sought to exploit it, it was after learning this that he truly gained great wisdom and worked with this majority to begin to change his world and every person on that planet's relationship to her. Ayve lives on and his story isn't finished yet, but it began with a personal awakening. New awakenings can be part of the experience of Beltane!
There are also many myths, legends, and Archetypes related to May day within the Earth Spiritualist perspective and with some help from the works of John Matthews, Michelle Skye and perhaps Robin Williamson, I will endeavor to share some of them with you this week, on Wheel of Wonder!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wheel of Wonder April 10, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder is the week for the Spring Membership drive for KAOS independent , publicly accessible Radio. It appears the federal(US) funding for such stations as these is being pulled, so its very important that people who like and listen to independent voices like the ones I bring to the airwaves call during the pledge breaks this week or go online to to offer financial support to this not for profit radio station.
If you call or contact KAOS during Wheel of Wonder (ph# 360 867 KAOS, or if you prefer: 360-867-5267) 8am-9am Pacific Standard Time USA to pledge, the management of the radio station will know that there are pagans and progressive expansive thinkers out there who enjoy hearing the music and philosophies of the modern earth spiritualists, Bards and Musicians like we play and share on Wheel of Wonder. So please connect and support at whatever level you can, even if its just a good comment about the show. That's how we build community!
I know, I know, sounds like a commercial, but it isn't. Membership support is what a small not for profit community radio station runs on in the USA. No Corporate salaries or commercial time for sale here.
This week I'll be here working on sharing information on the artists I play and their spiritual paths, as I understand them, not only is that interesting, but if their songs inspire you, or speak the truth to your heart/head you might be one step closer to understanding your spiritual truth, you may know what to investigate on your own, and their may very well be a link to it right here in the sidebar! Other times one just has to know what one would be losing to appreciate it better. I can't podcast, I might be the only one or one of very few people in the world running a Pagan information and music show on the FM frequency! Hope to keep it running too. Thanks for tuning into Wheel of Wonder throughout the past few years, I hope to hear from you this week. Bright Blessings!
The picture of The Green Man is a CG by Pete O' Malley. Check it out , and his other art to here

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wheel of Wonder March 20-27, 2011

Its been some time since I posted here. The Urban Pagans would say I was out of balance with the Element of Fire, at my home base I've been experiencing some number of Electrical Power Surges. Some Urban Pagans say the Element of Fire is present in the Urban setting in the form of Electricity through the wires. One of these power surges seems to have fried the Home Computer, so I couldn't post. Everything's fine now (though I still don't have a working Computer at home) I'm working on my relationship with fire (always a good idea) and will soon have the functional "virtual Crystal Ball" if you will, but today will be a mixed post for last week and this week coming up.
Last week was the Ostara show, and this Ostara especially was an Equinox of great energy in this area. No disasters occurred but there was a lot of passion hereabouts surrounding The Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony that went for three days, sunrise to sunrise in a very public area. Passion is often attributed to the Element of Fire. For more information on this issue; look to the sidebar of this blog for Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony, if you click on that it will take you to the ritual facilitator's website. For information on the "not necessarily positive" feelings towards the event I invite you to begin your search on this website: Evergreen Native Student Alliance I'm definitely one for people making their own decisions. Ostara is a time of balance, so feel free to balance both issues in your decision.
I decided to attend the Healing Ceremony, I find it very worth while to try to add my energy as much as is possible, to the efforts of people trying to achieve positive results, even if not everyone agrees with their cultural approach to rituals.

It inspired me to write:


Even though my Ancestors are from other Lands across the Sea
Olympia is my Home. I love this place as much as one can.
I honor this land, I honor these Trees, I've found great solace traveling our woodsy waterways
And I too dislike entombing our Mother in Concrete
Mother Let us Heal You

What Mother would not be hurt, damaged and appalled
at seeing, feeling, her blood soaked children die
gasping their last breaths as they lie on her chest?
That is the bad blood conflict has been bringing us all these years
That is the only bad blood that can run through Human veins
It doesn't even earn the title bad blood until it spills out of those veins
Mother Let us Heal You

When the Children are hurt, when our Brothers and Sisters are hurt
It is our Honor to heal them.
And when we see our Mother's tears
What feeling heart is not moved to wipe them away and let her know
"This time Mother, let me heal you."
Mother let us Heal You

Well, our Mother is Crying
Her sobs and Shudders are in the Earthquakes
Her tears and pain are in the Acid Rain
Her red hot face is in the droughts we suffer
Some suffer them year after year.

Mother we can help you, we had just forgotten how.
But now we are learning.
Mother Let us Heal You

written by Ray, Ostara 2011.

Let's not underestimate the strength of Gaia though. Or our place in helping the Earth we live on and the other people who live here with us.
This week on Wheel of Wonder I will be interviewing Rainbow Lightening, a self-identified Druid who works closely with the head organizers of the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies Blue Thunder, and Christine. Blue Thunder is a registered member of the Wind River tribe in Wyoming, and there's a chance he might say a few words as well about what they are endeavoring to do with the many Medicine Wheel Ceremonies they perform around North America and other parts of the world. This will be an 8 o'clock hour Interview with the backdrop of this week's Wheel of Wonder: all about Lightworkers and some people's beliefs about the Ascension Path of Spirituality. It will include some references to Christopher Penczak's book Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth and Healing for the new Aeon (20o8 Llewellyn Worldwide)
We will also include new Music by Denean and new to Wheel of Wonder music: Red Cedar Medicine Circle Songs from Beaver Chief.

The picture is a "re-broadcast" of Earth from The Space Brotherhood, I still don't know the artist or the Brotherhood.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wheel of Wonder March 13, 2011

Sunday's Wheel of Wonder occurred on the date closest to the first ever broadcast of the show on the Olympia Airwaves. The first ever broadcast of Wheel of Wonder was on March 18th, 2009, as a "Rookie Radio" installment. So I chose this episode to be a "2nd year Anniversary Special ," went right back to the roots and re-created a Celtic Wheel of the Year show. I followed through song, information, and ideology the meaning of Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh (lammas) and back around to Mabon. I will hope to see posts and opinions around it soon.

The key purpose, the string of meaning through observing these ancient Holidays, beyond the harvest and fun, seems to be in living in closer awareness to the natural flow and energetic cycles of the Earth Mother. I am idealistic enough to believe this could very well be one recognizable path towards living in better relationship with the land and each other.
I think agrarian, indigenous, and environmentalist people know this, even if it does not fit their faith path to consider themselves "Pagan" or "Shamanic." That is the appeal of learning about ancient belief and perhaps even new age, ways of thinking.

I hope you have been enjoying Wheel of Wonder over the past few years, and the information I've tried to make available on this blog. The picture above and to the right is from my Garden.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wheel of Wonder February 27, 2011

A Bard I once met would tell me "if a story's worth telling, its worth telling more than once!" and isn't that at the heart of the oral tradition anyway? I say, if its new music that fits into the Wheel of Wonder radio show's genre, it should be played there. So it is this week on Wheel of Wonder. Once again, like the virtual Troubadour, I've ventured out, sought the songs, and brought them back to share with all ye listeners. Songs inspired by the Mythic Cycles of Ireland. Together, this week by the LCD lights of your chosen radio or Internet device we'll visit through word and song Mythic Ireland and the Evils of Balor, the Heroics of Lugh, the Tragedy of the Children of Lir, and the sorrowful life of the beautiful Diedre. We'll be reminded of the miraculous birth of ChuChulain, and the transition of time between the Milesians and the Fianna. We will also hear of Finn McCool and of the son of he and Sadbh; Oisin.
Perhaps with some history from The Book of Conquests and certainly new music Classical, Celtic and even edgy Metal from Robert Lamb, Anuna, and Cruachan (watch for new Artist Links to appear soon in the list on this blog). So feel free to build a fire in your fireplace, picture yourself around a campfire and think of the radio waves as smoke carrying the medium of knowledge when you tune in today to Wheel of Wonder.
The Painting to the right is called "Ossian awakening the spirits on the banks of the Lora with the sound of his Harp"painted in 1801 by French Romanticist Francois Gerard. The character Ossian is a Scottish variation of Oisin, son of Finn McCool. There is some discussion as to whether Ossian is based in History or Scottish imagination. Either way, I like this work of Classic Art.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wheel of Wonder February 19, 2011

This week on wheel of Wonder we'll be speaking about the craft practice called SpiritSong. This is also known as The Way of Song. "One important and often overlooked aspect of well-being is the unique mechanism known as the voice. the voice is built into our basic body kit for two main reasons: to release tensions and to communicate the unique expression of who we are." According to Shawna Carol, the wise woman who named it and seeks to spread the use of the Way of Song for people to find their own, powerful voice, through the use of sound. Spirit Song is about deep listening to perceive the inherent music of the universe and to remind ourselves to hear the music that represents ourselves, every heart can sing, and finding our own song is empowering. This week we'll be talking with Shawna Carol about her journey to the Way of Song and the Spirit song practice. Finding the voice of your soul.
This will also give us the opportunity to hear new music from song healer Denean, Tracks from Shawna Carol's epic sacred music work:Goddess Chant, and many other songs that come from the spirits of their singers. Expect chant, ambient, New Age, and even traditional music this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The painting above is entitled Spirit Song and was created by Mira M. White check out her work here.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wheel of Wonder February 13, 2010

So what are the Pagan origins of St. Valentine's Day anyway? Could this be a holiday that is completely and totally Catholic in origin? Not like Yule/ Christmas, Ostara/Easter, Samhain/All Saint's Day? Not a chance! According to historians, the myth in Valentine's Day is very likely that there never was a Valentine marrying people covertly when it was illegal to be Christian at all. The pagan origins of the holiday are found in ancient Rome in a festival called Lupercalia. We'll speak a bit about that this week on Wheel of Wonder, as well as, sharing songs of love, and perhaps passion.
We'll even hear new music from Celia, who will be in concert Sunday night in Olympia (see entry below). Celia may even make a guest "appearence" on Cottleston Pie between 3 and 5pm on KAOS to share with you an Irish Tale, or one of the stories she shares in her children's shows. Please join me on a journey through history and passion, this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The picture to the right is of pink bleedingheart flowers from my garden

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 30, 2011

Welcome to the Imbolc installment of Wheel of Wonder! This week I'l of course be speaking of Imbolc; the first festival of the returning light. Not only light like the light of the returning Sun King, but also Brigit's light. The Sacred flame of Bridgit, fire of wisdom, creativity and inspiration. The 10th century Cormac’s Glossary describes Bridgit as the daughter of the Daghda, the “Great God” of the Tuatha de Danaan. He calls her a “woman of wisdom…a goddess whom poets adored, because her protection was very great and very famous." Since the discipline of poetry, filidhect, was interwoven with seership, Brigid was seen as the great inspiration behind divination and prophecy, the source of oracles. (source: "Chalice Centre for Celtic and western magical traditions" Mara Freeman;

Additionaly, this week we'll have a live, pre-recorded interview with Kellianna Chanter, singer, and priestess. She'll talk about ancient stories and the modern Pagan Path, as well as share some explanation of her take on Imbolc and the meaning behind some of her songs.

Also, in relation to the celebration of light I'll try to fit in a bit of information on a new and interesting belief system in the craft of Spirit growth the Lightworkers movement. I hope you find the time to tune in this week for Wheel of Wonder!
The Image to the right is a very popular design by Wendy Andrew, see more of her art at this site

Celia Concert in Olympia!

Celia Farran, singer, songwriter, storyteller and comedienne, brings her unique and multifaceted performance skills to Olympia, Washington on February 13th for an entertaining and endearing performance to raise money for The South Sound Pagan Pride Day Celebration. Celia! Earthy, Enchanting and talented, walking the balance between the silly and the sacred, it will be a performance you won't soon forget! Sunday, February 13th, 2011 6:30 pm door, 7:00 pm performance in the sanctuary of the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Sponsored by Olympia CUUPS and the Olympia Green Theater. Tickets: $10.00 in advance,$12.00 at the door. Tickets available now in Olympia at Earth Magic and Rainy Day Records! Pagan Pride challenges religious intolerance through educational outreach. Support this worthy cause and an independent artist while having a great time!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 23, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the Neo-pagan Witch's solitary path. It seems that one of the main ways many Neo-pagans begin their Journey is as a Solitary practitioner, not part of , or involved with, any group or Coven, but on their own spiritual journey to wisdom and growth, according to their belief system. A witch's journey? What kind of a Journey is that? Tune in to Wheel of Wonder and I'll share some of the info I've uncovered with you. We'll speak of the rituals intent, as best as I can describe it, the Labyrinth and the rebirth to Wisdom, The Spiral Dance, a bit on Imbolc, Otherworld Journeys, and of course, the Mother Goddess belief, all with some help from Marian Green and her book: "A Witch Alone, thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic" 1991, Aquarian Press.

I'll also share new music from Kellianna, in consideration of the interview we're planning next week for Imbolc. Please join in on the journey, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

the picture to the right is from an website

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 15, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder Bridget returns to co-host! Together, in the Spirit of Balance, She and I will share the leadership of the Journey. I'll be speaking of Druids and the importance of the Sun as the basis for their ancient knowledge of the cycle of things. An approach often believed to be drawn from the expansive and Masculine energy of Spiritual duality. The Druids see the male embodiment of nature as both Light and Dark and have been known to teach their lessons in triads. Bridget will speak of the rites of the Moon and the triple goddess, a spiritual approach often considered drawn from the more feminine and intuitive aspects of Human Spirituality. It is often observed that Goddess teachings move forward in cyclical fashion. Bridget and I will both bring you Classic Music, Indy folk rock, New age ambient and even Rock and Roll. This week on Wheel of Wonder!
Happily, with the Sun and Moon image above, you too can see where it came from "GeoImages Clipart."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 2, 2011

Thank you all for the calls, posts, and conversations in support of earth community radio. Wheel of Wonder is about to enter its third year on KAOS!
This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll speak a little bit more about the healing qualities of gemstones as well as honoring this icy reflective season of winter. Then we'll go on to speak of balance, and renewal; to closely related ideas to the Winter Solstice Season.
I will also be sure to introduce new Music, put out this past year by Wheel of Wonder favorites like Woodland and Dave, as well as others. I hope you'll enjoy this week's Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right is called Rose Quartz Crystal Dawn, an artistic CG image by Esther Johnson