Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wheel of Wonder December 23, 2012

The Winter Solstice has come and gone again, and the wheel keeps on turning, now we can spin into a brighter era, a brand new year.  I had always had a hunch(which I've posted about before) that the great change at the end of the last 5000 year cycle would be a change in how Humans interact with each other, not necessarily how we experience matter in this third dimensional existence.  The experience of matter, dualism, and transdimensional awareness is still to come.
 Perhaps if, as they say, our physical relationship, on this Earth, to the energy waves (for want of a better term) of the Milky Way Galaxy are in more direct correlation (astronomical position) to our planet, will those subtle changes in Gaia's energy field (and our subconscious, or spiritually awakened sense of it) instill us with a stronger sense of connection to the rest of existence?  To the rest of Humanity?  Because now we are experiencing a different relationship to energies beyond Earth, will our perspective change towards cooperation and oneness?  Perhaps that would be enough to do the great work of the 21st century; Changing our societal structures from models of domination by the few (and usually very rich) to models of cooperation.  the model of the new Earth Community.  If so, then we as Humans are destined to advance as a species.  Some say that this is inevitable.  This gives us cause for hope!
Misty Musings, from the Maritime Coast.
The idea of a time of greater light (and perhaps magic and spirituality) has always been a theme that is woven through many cultures for the time after the Winter Solstice, so that's what I chose to speak about this week on Wheel of Wonder.  If you had wondered what music would be chosen for such a theme check it out on sidebar click: KAOS look for Wheel of Wonder.
 May this new age bring you great Joy and Light!  Ascend in Beauty.

The picture above is of an Alpine Guesthouse located in a National Park in Canada.  It is not my intention to advertise for them, but it is a beautiful place.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wheel of Wonder December 16, 2012

"Earth my body, Water my blood....."
--Element Chant by Spiral Rhythm

Its interesting to note that throughout human history, great cultural changes have often been preceded by natural disasters.  The biblical flood that was believed to have changed the biodiversity of the animal kingdom, Vesuvius that changed the entire concept of Humans relationship to nature.  In modern times: Hurricane Katrina, which shone a bright light on how classicist the United States Government can be, on how the government will rush to protect the rich before the poor.  The aftermath of Katrina also stimulated cross ethnic, cross class, and cross cultural cooperation among many humans, who all pulled together to help those they could who had been devastated by the storm.

But even in the case of Natural Disasters, think about this:  If a virus infects you and is threatening your body, does your nose run?  Do you cough?  In the case of a very high fever can you lose brain cells?  If you were to put your body on the size scale of the Earth, wouldn't these be natural disasters to whatever bacteria ("life") are living on or in your body?  When these symptoms pass, do you feel better?  Are you a "Healthier Ecosystem?"  I think so."Earth my Body, Water my blood..."
Other times, do you change your mind, your health, your lifestyle without becoming sick first?  If so, then no natural disasters have occurred within your ecosystem, but a cultural change has occurred within your mind.

Some of the channeled information I've come across (and as I've said about channeled information before, whichever way it is that you view channeling, listen and see if there is any wisdom in what is being said by the Channels, or "Mediums" then decide if it contains good advise or observations, if it does? Consider it.) in this time of transition, we are seeing cultural changes occur, without natural disasters always occurring at the same time.  For example:  the US election (twice) of an administration that has shown its intention to take things in a different direction than has been known in the past, a more fair and equitable direction (though this administration does have a ways to go yet, in this regard).  Just so with the "Slow Food Movement" and the increased reliance on the local economies (which serve to strengthen that economy within its area).

  In  Gaia Theory the Earth is considered to be a large interconnected, living  ecosystem always adjusting to keep itself in balance to support life.  This is why some species die, and others live or are "discovered" (perhaps born?)  Some information from a channel to Gaia gives the impression that is part of why natural disasters occur too. I  know of some groups who get together specifically to join in rituals of healing for Mother Earth, people who believe that by taking in, and processing some of the "excess energy" of Mother Earth, just like a lightning rod, they help decrease the chance of natural disasters occurring here on Earth. Could Humans be evolving into a more cooperative species, a more spiritual, a more hopeful one?  If so, then perhaps not as many natural disasters need occur to shock people out of their complacency.  What if from such an enlightened perspective, we can help bring on a transition within the human psyche, from a less competitive, winner takes all mentality to one of greater cooperation and life affirming values?  What if we can do this without any one's village or city being destroyed?   These are the ideas I'll be exploring this week on Wheel of Wonder, with help from some wisdom believed to be shared through channels of more advanced entities, some of the writings of YES! Magazine and great independent music.  "Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, and Fire my Spirit!  I am born of the elements!"

The picture above "Earth Spirit"  was created by Engelszorn, this piece and others can be found on DeviantART