Sunday, February 4, 2018

Wheel of Wonder Imbolc 2018

Our ninth cycle around the Wheel of the Year!  I like Imbolc as a time of new beginnings and a time of confirming one's intentions. Every ending is a beginning though when turn with the cycles of the year. This year I intend to continue Wheel of Wonder. Since the inception of this show we've passed the great shift of 2012 (some say this brings us closer to the age of Aquarius) some say this is the time when we move closer to the Christ Consciousness (Consciousness of Compassion) because we Humans are evolving as a species. I think the work of the 21st Century is to learn how to survive and thrive cooperatively. We have reached astounding levels of technological and industrial mastery, that may have been the work of the 20th century, unfotunately it may have also ushered in the Anthropocene era, where we as Humans have more impact on the natural world than she can recover from through her normal cycle of death rebirth growth in nature.  Universal truth though: Climate change doesn't care about us, it is a result of our hubris.  Perhaps the great Mother does not need Human Beings, over millions of years she's had many children, we are just the latest generation. We need the great Mother and from a pedestrian, non-spiritual perspective, we need to learn how to live in tune with nature, even in an Anthropocene era. It is what keeps us alive. Money seems to be a tool for things, but if there is no food left to eat, or clean air and water left to drink and breathe? We cannot buy what doesn't exist! May our Inspired, Informed, Awareness bring us into a world of peace and health beginning this year. The great work of the 21st Century has begun!
Above are Imbolc inspired pictures: "Aquarian Awakening: The Perfection" and 'Santa Lucia'
re postings of pictures we've used before in this blog happy Candelmass!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wheel of Wonder January 21 2018

Sometimes it seems we Humans are all part of an interconnected web of life, but as individuals we find ourselves in a false dichotomy where we believe we can't be both an individual and part of  a whole.  Perhaps then the true dichotomy is that we are all separate threads in a greater tapestry of life.
Most of us individually want a sense of personal autonomy, we've seen this reflected in the countrywide women's marches of the USA just yesterday, part of the motivation seems to have been Mr. Trump deciding to decrease funding to planned parenthood, under the mistaken idea that all they do in that organization is give women abortions.  Planned Parenthood actually is focused on family planning and educating women about their choice to be or not to be a Mother and how that can be facilitated.  The going idea seems to be, at least with the Trump administration that women aren't allowed to choose whether or not they become Mothers at any particular time, whether this is completly true or night is beside the point here. It comes across to the women of America, and their allies that the US Government is not respecting their personal autonomy. Though this may be less about the Government than about the influence of the Catholic Church, which has a long history of not respecting Women's personal autonomy. I do not gender identify as a woman so I can not speak much more about that and still feel that I'm being respectful to my friends, relations and sisters Pagan or otherwise and what they have and do go through as individuals of female identity.

Picture above "The Dancing Muse" from Wiccan Together, a website that seems to have been taken out by a computer virus.
How has the desire for independence revealed itself in the past? Especially among the historic cultures I am co-opting nothing to talk about, as they are part of my ancestry. For many hundreds of years Ireland and Scotland fought hard to retain their independence from England. For cultures connected to the land they live on, this could be understood as a matter of autonomy and their rights to traditional lands, not so different a dynamic than rights to the body when you are that connected to the land. What pushes one to act? How far will people allow things to go before they say "enough is enough!" How far would you go to protect the land you call home? This is pertinent to the 21st century and is what we explored today on Wheel of Wonder. Profit seeking economies or person serving economies seems to be what this comes down to these days.  Long ago the Scots had their heroes affectionately known as William Wallace and "The Bruce" These days though, we have to be our own heroes as we learn the meaning of courage while still understanding the efficacy of firm non-violence, so as not to just depose one dictator for another. This is one of the largest challenges I think we face in this 21st century, this perhaps, anthropocene era.

Portrait above Robert the Bruce from the historic website Ancient Pages

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wheel of Wonder January 7 2018

As we prepare to take another Journey around the Sun, some of us cannot help but wonder  "Is this the year we learn to walk in balance? Balanced between masculine and feminine, balanced between human needs and natural systems?" Looking at the political movements across the global landscape is this the beginning of a time of balance between socialism and capitalism? Neither economic system seems capable of staying just and sustainable if let alone to go all the way to its ultimate expression, both outcomes would seem to be tyranny. For the health of humans and our home planet it seems we must remain vigilant and strong, yet open to some change. We seem to be in an Anthropocene era, which does not mean we have finally conquered nature, no, Mother Nature will remind us not to give way to hubris: flood, fire, freezing, forming hurricanes are still real possibilities to remind us we are not omnipotent, regardless of our scientific advances.

Perhaps this year will be another step towards transformation and balance. If we as Humans work together, empowered by that which has inspired us, informed through our new, and ongoing scientific discoveries and achieving awareness of each other's challenges through Compassion and Empathy truly amazing things can be done.

INSPIRED INFORMED AWARENESS is my wish for all in this new year

May light and hope guide us on our journeys, and blessed be.

A fine wheel of the year/interconnected world image from The Celtic Journey website
And a link to a wonderful video, related, but not quite the same composed/created by one Melody Sheep at this Link

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wheel of Wonder December 31, 2017

We've made it through the longest night, the wheel of the year turns and we head back into the light...
This is a time to harvest the fruits of your labors over the past year, speaking in terms of Pope Gregory's Calendar anyway.  The Celtic Calendar had the new year beginning at sunset on Samhain.
What have you learned over the past year? What seeds of community or self-improvement (or both, at the same time)have you placed in the care of Mother Earth and your place in this reality?  Or, the next one you intend to go to? All Humans have the will and skill to design their own destiny. As the Gregorian year ends and a new one begins I try to be like Janus, looking both forwards and backwards in time from the present to plan for the future.  What good works will we see completed this year, what works have met completion in the passing year? What works will you do? I hope to keep working on Wheel of Wonder, learn from the past, help and share with my fellow earth beings in the present, while planning for the future. It seems so very important for all of us to focus on conserving and sustaining our global ecosystem.  This is the lifeforce that supports our bodies, that keeps the Human species alive. May you have a fruitful and fulfilling 2018.  Blessed Be.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wheel of Wonder Reboot December 24th 2017

Hello my friends and fellow travelers on the wheel of the year!  The Wheel of Wonder is still turning, I am still broadcasting out of KAOS ( Sunday Mornings PST (7am - 10am for the time being).  I haven't posted for a year?!? WTF? I think the American texters say. Here's to holiday hopes and cheers that this will change in the coming up year.  It has been a busy and beautiful year! I worked many hours, every week, nearly every day, but the occupation kept me outside, in nature all the time.  Sometimes building new trails through state and national public lands with hand tools, large and small, sometimes walking among the Elk herds, or tending indigenous oak groves, sometimes preparing for and protecting people from the ravages of floods.  On occasion I would even do Naturalist Interpreter work ,or even educational outreach, about shellfish, shellfish harvesting, and the hidden and adaptive lifeforms thriving on these cold northern beaches.  And of course there was the National November Novel Writing Month Challenge (my third book). Thanks for listening to Wheel of Wonder and look for more posts here in the new year.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wheel of Wonder January 29, 2017

From The Goddess and The Greenman(

Imbolc is traditionally the great festival and honouring of Brigid (Brighid, Bride, Brigit), so loved as a pagan Goddess that her worship was woven into the Christian church as St Bridget. She is a Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is a Goddess of Fire, of the Sun and of the Hearth. She brings fertility to the land and its people and is closely connected to midwives and new-born babies. She is the Triple Goddess, but at Imbolc she is in her Maiden aspect.

Imbolc, it is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life's insatiable appetite for rebirth. It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings.

Beautiful picture above from the Druids of the Order of Aspen. (May be an OBOD seed group?)  Imbolc reminds us that the desire to burn away the cold and depression of winter and of disappointments is always just under the surface and ready to burst like new life that triumphs over the slow death of a cynical viewpoint on the world.  Connecting with the spirit of Imbolc helps us to become more than a pale shadow of our former selves.  Instead, we can be an embodiment of all our best aspects of courage, character and inspiration, we can become an active participant in our world.
Happy Imbolc! (February 2)


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wheel of Wonder January 22, 2017

I don't actually know if its actually "The Trump Era" in the United States, but many people in this country are disturbed by what they think the newly inaugurated President will do.  Well, in the sense of US History, we've been in situations were unjust laws and viewpoints have been held by people in powerful political positions.  These "eras" cast long cold shadows over many people's viewpoints, and in some cases a instilled a fear in them that action would be taken against them just because of  their personal identity or genetic ethnicity.  The people who faced these fears stood up to them, organized against them and made some advances towards a more ethical and just society.  It seems that President Trump has inspired people into these sort of actions once again, though as Americans, we don't actually know what he is really going to do while he is in office.

To me it looks like a classic scenario of people forgetting they had a shadow side, a "darker side" and oppressing and ignoring it.  A Millionaire TV celebrity and a cabinet of White Millionaire/Billionaires now holding positions in government.  America, behold your shadow!  Ignoring and choosing not to learn from what your shadowside tells you, rather than making it disappear, will eventually make it impossible to ignore, at that point it could potentially become a dominant factor in your life, or perhaps the life of your country?  Our shadowsides seem to embody all that is flawed in our characters, but like a trickster tale, they are there to remind us what is wrong or ineffective in our lives and culture.  Pagans and Spiritualists who spend time , usually during the dark time of the year between Samhain and Imbolc, doing shadow work honestly engage their darker natures and the spirits, gods, goddesses, and personas that reflect it.  The trick then , as I understand it, is not to give in and become your shadow completely, but honestly consider and analyze what it is trying to tell you, so you can learn and improve your life.  Do you sometimes feel selfish or greedy?  Perhaps your shadowside is trying to tell you that you have not been taking care of your needs, monetary, material, and emotional well enough and you should give these more thought and plan actions that will help you to get these needs met?  If you don't, quite possibly your concern about these things will begin to consume your time and adversely effect your work, your lifestylle, and your relationships. 
This would be the shadowside "Taking Over" to insist it must be heard, wereas had one engaged these aspects, in an attempt to understand them and learn from them in the first place, they could be managed better and not become obsessions or social ills manifesting in one's life.  As with death and rebirth, Winter and Spring, hope and growth waits beyond the shadows, but first we must journey through them.  Many of these challenges we as a people can face together.  Take heart in that brighter day joining us from the future and blessed be!
This picture found at Pinterest, copyright free as of 1/22/2017, by all available information.