Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wheel of Wonder December 27, 2009

The Winter solstice is one of the High Holidays of the Pagan Calendar. So we'll explore the Holiday further on this week's Wheel of Wonder. There will be more information on how the Druids recognize this Holiday, even featuring some of the written works of Damh the Bard. We'll also speak of The Horned one, as the Winter Born King. Also in consideration of Scandinavian Legend and Belief we'll speak of The Wild Hunt. Believed to be the spirit hunt for lost and evil souls, led by Odin or Herne, The Wild hunt would tear through the land with the power of a winter storm, and one had to be careful not to get "Caught up in the Hunt" when it blew through around the Winter Solstice. We will also feature new music by Robin Williamson, and Sharon Knight with Pandemonaeon.

The picture above to the right is Artist Unknown, if anyone can show me where one might surf the net to find the artists identity, please let me know.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wheel of Wonder December 20, 2009

Whether its called Alban Arthuan, Yule, or the deep midwinter, it is also known as the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year when all seems darkest, but as in many different cultures , on the very darkest night the Sun is reborn as the baby sun king! Bringer of light and hope! Even while the land seems to lie sleeping and in the Northern Hemisphere, the brow of the Goddess has turned pale as frost and sometimes the wind is deathly cold. Light is returning. But Winter has a quiet beauty to it also and brings many people together around the fire or into our homes, as we celebrate the Holidays.
On this week's Wheel of Wonder, we'll talk about the beliefs of solstice recognized by the Druids and Pagans, and perhaps others as well, as I take us on a journey of Celtic, Holiday Music. Music that carries the beauty of the cerulean winter sky, the calm silence of the falling snow, and the festivity of the Troubador.
This week's episode will also serve as another installment of the Bardic Byways series within a series, as we hear an Interview with Faerie Tale Minstril Alexander James Adams, soloist, and 1/3 of Tricky Pixie; he'll speak about his dynamicaly changing, and Inspirational Life, and his personal journey of expression through music.

The picture to the right "Holly King" was created by artist RavenWillowHawk and was found on DeviantArt here's the link

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wheel of Wonder December 6, 2009

December is Bardic Byways Month on Wheel of Wonder! This week we'll run my Interview with Sharon Knight, San Francisco Bard of the Feri Order, as she has described herself. T. Thorne Coyle author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and occasional collaborator with Ms. Knight appears to be one of the scholars of this craft path as well. Take a second to look at the new Links I've posted on this site. Modern Bards help to carry the Spirit of the legendary and the Awen of Inspiration into the twenty-first Century travelling by many roads to the pathway of music they follow through the Universe (as I once wrote in a Poem). This week I'll attempt to share some new insights about the Bards, and speak about what is publicly known about the philosophies of the Feri Tradition. I hope you'll join me on the journey.

The picture to the right is an example of the wonderful Illustrative work of Emma Alvarez. Sort of the dark reflection of the work by Priscilla Hernandez I've posted here before (see August 4, 2009). Both fine female artists from Spain. Check out their links to learn more.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 29, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll talk about "The Pagan Revival." This includes some of the recent history about the growth of spiritworkers identifying as Pagan. What factors may have brought about this Social Change? Is it good for the global consciousness? We'll include some of the insights and opinions of RJ Stewart, modern Pagan Writer and some of the current social trends that are occurring, that bring "pagan " ideals into useful application to mainstream society. We'll even try to site some of the work of T.Thorne Coyle, known on Wheel of Wonder for her work with Sharon Knight, but also a well respected pagan teacher and writer in her own right. This week will also include lots of new music from some of the musicians considered "most influential pagan musicians" currently in the scene. New music from Omnia, Faun, Emerald Rose, and The Moon and The Nightspirit, as well as SJ Tucker. Turn that dial to 89.3 FM this Sunday Morning and listen to Wheel of Wonder!

The fine picture to the right is a photograph by Peter J Stephenson.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 22, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll talk about Hellenic (Greek) Paganism in the modern age. There are many regional groups dedicated to this form of Paganism, I don't know of any groups in America practicing Hellenic Reclamation, but we will speak of The Hellenic Reclaiming Tradition, currently striving to survive against great discrimination in Modern Greece. I'll share modern Pagan Interpretations of the ancient Greek Gods. I will also introduce brand new tracks by Greek Musicians Daemonia Nymphe (big thanks to Louisa John Krol for suggesting this group to me). As well as other tracks from the collection carrying the Greek theme, including ones by Wendy Rule, Eleusyve productions, and Spiral Dance. Tune in to Wheel of Wonder, this Sunday Morning, Pacific Standard Time.
Picture to the right is one of the fantastic creations of Andy Park! To see his more current work (which might not be as pretty) jump to his website from here

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 8 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the legends and stories of that ever evocative and sometimes eerie avian avatar The Raven, his vain, but often seeking truth and justice cousin The Crow, and their mother of the darkening year; The Crone! Let your darker thoughts take flight through the grey and misty skies as we hear tales, stories, and songs about the gruesome, but gorgeous duo and the mother of Wisdom and Bones. This week's episode will feature stories from the Salish (rebroadcast with permission)and original writing from Edinburgh Writer, Scientist, and activist Samantha Fleming keeper of the website, new music from Peter Kater and new tracks from Wendy Rule. Arise with the Ravens Sunday morning on Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right was originally published on the Elfwood Science Fiction and Fantasy fan art site. As of the time of this entry I have not succeeded in finding the artist's name, please let me know if you do! I'll make a special entry giving them credit.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 1, 2009

November first, First day of the new Celtic Year. Dios de los Muertes, Day of the Dead, and all Soul's Day. Last week on Wheel of Wonder we took a short trip to Scotland, speaking of some of the Scottish Myths and Legends, and of the Taibhsear; the bardic Shamans of the Isles. This Week on Wheel of Wonder as if I were the Taibhsear with the witch's stone (my Halloween Costume if you will) I'll be speaking of the dead , and some of the traditions of respecting and communicating with the dead observed throughout time especially during this time of the year, when the Vail is considered very thin between this world and the other...

I'll share with you a musical vision of the death of the great Irish Hero Chu Chulain with and new music from Jeff and Mychael Danna. We will definitely be running a short Interview with Louisa John Krol. We may even have the time for the "True Ghost Stories of Ireland." Wake up from your Halloween revels and Samhain experiences with your Taibhsear for today on Wheel of Wonder.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wheel of Wonder October 18th, 2009

Greetings to all

KAOS 89.3 FM started its fall membership drive today. The Wheel of Wonder episode that's running for the Membership drive will be this Sunday; October 18th! For all af those Maidens, Mothers,Green Men, Sages, and even Crones who love to Dance around the Bonfire, you'll like this show; it is all about the Celt-Pagan dancing music!
If you like having a Pagan show Broadcast from Olympia, or you just like there being a Community Radio Station that allows one on the Airwaves; Call between 6am and 9am Sunday and join KAOS as a member!
When I first suggested the Idea of Wheel of Wonder to KAOS management they said: "We don't know if there are very many listeners interested in a Pagan Radio Show, but after talking about it for a long time, we decided to give it a chance..." And on May 5th 2009 the first weekly broadcast of Wheel of Wonder hit the airwaves.
Let's show the folks at this great Public radio station that there are a lot of listeners who do want to hear from the marginalized, Pagan point of view, and what this perspective brings to us, that helps us move into better relationship with each other and our place in the Natural world. Write a Letter, start your Membership (KAOS is a nonprofit operation, it runs on membership dollars). Call and let the people at the station know how you feel about Wheel of Wonder! I hope I'll get to talk to some of you Sunday morning; I'll be at (360)867-KAOS (local Olympia, WA USA). For any more information you need; look at
The picture to the right and above is by Jussi Lehtiniemi and was originaly posted on

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wheel of Wonder October 11, 2009

This week on wheel of Wonder we'll re-visit The Celtic Wheel of the year, for the Benefit of those who may have only recently heard of Wheel of Wonder, or perhaps were not even in Olympia back when it all began. One could practically follow along with me as I speak, just by looking far enough back in this blog (see; where it all began). There will of course be more music this time, and I don't doubt more information, through more focus on the elements attuned to the change of seasons. This week is also the pre-membership drive on KAOS 89.3 fm so for every $4000.00 that is raised through new memberships (join on-line) this week, there will be one less membership drive day next week (the membership drive starts on Friday the 16th 0f October)! If you like Wheel of Wonder, join during the show; next Sunday the 18th of October! Or, if you like the other shows on KAOS, join anytime! KAOS is a nonprofit radio station, membership dollars ARE what keeps it broadcasting. I'm looking forward to talking with you this week on Wheel of Wonder!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wheel of Wonder October 4, 2009

Welcome to Autumn, Let The Journey Begin.

This week I've been thinking about all the new students arriving at The Evergreen State College. As befits the Schedule of the American School System, these people are all beginning a new journey of discovery at this point in their lives. Others are beginning new projects, or exploring new spirit paths, some will engage the Spiral Dance around Samhain, dancing their way into the center of the cauldron, as it were, to change and be reborn. In many ways this is like the Bardic Journey. So this week on Wheel of Wonder we'll focus on a "character, " a "Hero" on a Journey of discovery. It could be you, it could be me, it could be anyone, but through story and song, we'll travel with them on this Journey. This week will also feature, as part of a person's story, a short interview with Evergreen Alumni Chris Bingham of Gaia Consort and Bone Poet's Orchestra, and new tracks of Music from SJ Tucker, and Sharon Knight. Please join us on the Journey.

The beautiful silk print collage is by artist and writer Carolyn Dahl

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 27, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder wheel talk a little about Animal Spirits. We've already made some mention of them on prior episodes of Wheel of Wonder. I received calls in the Air Studio asking questions about Animal Spirits during past shows, and I noticed recently that aparrently all the public copies in this town of Ted Andrews' great book: Animal Speak: The Spirit and Magical powers of creatures great and small appear to be out in people's hands, so it must be something people are trying to learn about. Animal Spirits are a big subject, which will take more than one show to speak about. We'll begin this week. I'll bring you information I've found and new, to Wheel of Wonder, tracks by SJ Tucker and Tricky Pixie. If anyone has unique animal spirit stories they'd like to share (anonymous or not) on future Wheel of Wonder shows, feel free to comment, or Email me at .

The beautiful art to the right and above is the original work of Chicago Artist Nina Ulana check out her work, showings and other info on her blog!

Equinox in the Woods

Relaxing in a cozy Yurt within a grove of old fir, I looked up towards the sky. I could see the stars through a window in the domed roof, framed by the shaggy tresses of the 200 year old fir trees. I drifted off to sleep accompanied by thoughts of flying outside among them. I woke in the morning to the pattering of rain outside sometimes falling soft, sometimes falling hard. I walked out into the fresh and Balsam air, surrounded by something very close to that familiar Autumn energy, as I listened to the roughly composed duet of the Ravens and the Crows accompany my morning. I had time enough to hike out and learn more about the volcano, before walking with a Druid I recently met to learn more about the Ogham trees. In that old Growth Forest around the area, we found thirteen of the twenty. Not long after that the rest of the camper's arrived and then the Kitchen Witch, who fed us all. Until everyone's presence disappeared by the time of hottest afternoon sun on Sunday-almost -Solstice, I stayed in a Pagan yurt village with bonfires, chanting and great camaraderie!
I played the Harp to calm the energy before we went to sleep Saturday night and played people up with the Sunrise on Sunday. These are the times that make one feel like a real Bard!
The weather was beautiful for the Sunday noon Ritual, and the energy was great! I even went out to my Car once on Sunday morning and heard myself on the Radio! Eventually we all had to leave, but a splinter contingent of us went to the Olympia Pagan Pride event, which was small this year ,under the new organizers, but they put it together in record time (started in August), and all the people there I spoke to (vendors included) were very optimistic it would be bigger and better next year! (Anyone care to manifest pagan musicians and a good, strong Drum circle for that?) All and all, it was a good Mabon.
The picture above is a photograph I caught of the Druid, Crone, and Maiden/Mother participants in the ritual.

The Podcast Experience

Well, its been a time since I posted on my blog, it was a busy Mabon; no, it's been a busy Mayday to Mabon. Let's get the blog caught up. Jane Valencia and I finally had our Podcast conversation. We spoke about modern approaches to being a Bard, and why Bards are relevant in the modern world. She asked some very insightful questions, which I took as talking points, in the end it may be a long, but still interesting podcast. Jane believes she'll have it up by the end of the month on her website: Forest (podcast #2) Jane is such a smooth interviewer, that i have to say our conversation is the right word. We also had an opportunity to talk music, and chord progressions to go with some of my poems, so I might just have a My Space up in the future, and you can hear me perform the music I create. You'll never hear it on Wheel of Wonder (self promotion is not in the spirit of Community radio). I have to say, I'm glad to be doing this show on a radio station where I can also hear dj's talk about Jewish High Holy Days, and hear other dj's play Christian Gospel Music, and hear Native voices speaking about Native American Spirituality too. You can even hear Rastafarian Music now and again on KAOS. I do like Community Radio!

Damh the Bard is expecting to complete his new CD "Songs from the Crow Man" I believe it is soon. Hopefully we'll be hearing from him and new music from him on Wheel of Wonder by the end of the Celtic year (if your one of the people who considers Samhain to be the end of the year). Wendy Rule has also contacted me and said she'd send a CD package as well. Love how Wheel of Wonder keeps rolling!

Hope some of you catch the Podcast on and new, and longtime listeners keep tuned in to Wheel of Wonder!

---Radio Ray

the picture above and to the right is a slide of a statuette from 2700 BC

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 20 2009

The Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon is one of my favorite holidays, as Autumn is one of my favorite seasons! It's a time of Harvesting , both the seeds you've sown over the past year, and the physical food that has been growing all through the Spring and Summer. Even living in the city you can go out into the crisp outdoors and harvest Blackberries, Apples, Plums, Pears, and chestnuts,as these plants grow, practically naturally in temperate climates, other things will grow in other climates as well. The Summer is fading , people are parting ways, or preparing for new adventures and how things have gone in the past year is reflected in the interactions of these endings and these new beginnings, as every ending is a beginning again.
This episode will include new music from Sharon Knight and T. Thorne Coyle, Gaia Consort and a brand new track from Christy Moore's newest Album. This episode will also include some tracks from the first ever Wheel of Wonder in a Weekly time slot. I'll be elsewhere this Equinox, But Dancing the Universe's late night voice Dillon Dise will be in the Studio bringing you Wheel of Wonder bright and early Sunday morning. The episode will also include passages from Kristin Madden's great book Mabon; celebrating the Autumn equinox. Merry Mabon from Wheel of Wonder!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 13 2009

This week on Wheel of wonder we'll explore the Shaman's Journey, from the perspective of the conscious dream. What are some of the modern Shamanic Beliefs that these people, believed to be Healers, carry with them on their Shamanic Journeys? Many indigenous cultures throughout time have always felt the Dreaming world is just as real as the Waking, five senses world, we all live in. In some of the more spiritual traditions, it is considered more real. But how do dreams and "soul journeys" interrelate? By working on remembering our dreams, can we truly achieve insights that carry over into the knowledge set that have a real effect on how we live our lives? With some reference to the Insights of Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming, and some new music by Louisa John Krol, and Gaia Consort we'll consider the spiritual meaning of travelling through dreams, the place where the conscience and unconscious meet.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 6 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we will explore the Sacred Grove through music. Sacred Groves have existed in many places and cultures across the world, not only for the Druids, but for the Hindu, The Buddhist, Taoist, and the Native Americans. We'll speak about the Ogham Alphabet in more depth this week, and how it relates to the druids impressive mnemonics. We also talk about the OBAD Sacred Grove project, with information from the OBAD website (see it in links in the sidebar). This week will also feature new music from Sharon Knight and more Vixy and Tony! Tune in to Wheel of Wonder.
As an important "by the way" Jane Valencia and I have agreed upon a Podcast interview time. I'll be talking with Jane on her Forest Halls podcast 10 in the morning (Pacific Standard Time) Monday September 14th, 2009. We'll be discussing many different approaches to being a modern Bard, and why that is important. I'm looking forward to talking with Jane about this mutual interest of ours. Feel free to check that out!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 30 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll present another installation of the ongoing series Bardic Byways. I'll share new music with you by Vixy and Tony and SJ Tucker, as we move deeper into the place of the Bard in Modern America. Bards are mythmakers and storytellers, and their are many ways in which their talents can create a huge impact on modern america. The American Folk movement is a fine example of this, so I'll also introduce classic music by Holly Near (not necessarily a pagan, but indeed a bard) and some unique tracks from the historical vaults of Gaia Consort. The modern Bard I'll be running the interview of this week is SJ Tucker, the original Skinny White Chick, please tune in to Wheel of Wonder Bardic Byways.
The picture to the right was sent to me by a friend, I don't know the artist, but the Bard reminds me of Jane Valencia. (ever dyed your hair blonde Jane?)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 23 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll focus on following the Male half of Nature's polarity through the world. Cernunnos, The Green Man, Pan, Herne, Veles he's known by many names but almost always also known as the god of the Grain and Wild, God of Nature, Fertility (I think I should say Virility). Considered in many Neo-Pagan Traditions as the God of the Sky, consort to Mother Earth passing the sceptre of the oak king to the Holly King for the dark part of the year.
Come celebrate the annual cycle of the Pagan God on Wheel of Wonder new songs from Louisa John Kroll, SJ Tucker, and Alexander James Adams, and new myths from other corners of the world.

The picture is great, the artist unknown.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 9 2009

Faeries, a Universal symbol of Whimsy, Playfulness, and awe. Some will say they have seen them, some will say they are merely a scent, a feeling, or perhaps a passing thought . The silver dust of a fading dream. Others will say they are all in the spirits of you and me. Whichever way you experience the fay, they represent magic, and ancient knowledge beyond the limits of Mortal time. These images tap into the universal web of feeling and awe, that place that shares its existence with music and stories. This is how we''ll be experiencing faerie this week on Wheel of Wonder. There will be much new music from SJ Tucker and Tricky Pixie, Sharon Knight, Faun, and it will be my great pleasure to introduce you to the music of Vixy and Tony and the work of T. Thorne Coyle . We will also hear an interview with Woodland singer, Faerieworlds co-organizer, and soloist Kelly Miller-Lopez. Find your Fairy Frequency this week for Wheel of Wonder!

The picture above is by Amy Brown, Found on

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Faerieworlds Experience

I must have been travelling with the blessings of the fay to the fairyworlds event. I don't think it could have gone any better! The weather was Hot in Oregon this weekend, I call this a blessing of the Fire spirits. Do to the heat, myself and the musicians I spoke with were feeling just fine about sitting and talking. I was able to sit and eat a breakfast of Sue Tinney's wonderful blueberry pancakes with Gaia Consort (sorry...Bone Poets Orchestra), I was given the opportunity to take a mid afternoon hydration break with SJ Tucker (of skinny white chick and tricky pixie fame), and she is a lovely person. I was blessed to wander across three "secret concerts" given in quiet acoustic corners of the event, with The Wicker Men (I understand they are thinking of putting out a faerieworlds compilation cd), Kelly and Emilio Miller-Lopez; The heart of Woodland ( this also allowed the occasion to loan my Harp to Kelly for her to play). The third was with Alexander James Adams, of Tricky Pixie (who also was willing to help me on my side project of translating Damh's guitar chords into chord progressions for the Celtic harp, so I can bring more music to Campfire gatherings). And let us not forget Lisa Lynne, a fine Celtic Harper, with her own solo career, who kindly, and modestly, offered harp workshops, and her own secret concerts at the Fairy Harp Circle.
In the 90+ degrees Fahrenheit weather I was fortunate to find a flat shady spot under an old Elm tree, just big enough to pitch my tent. I filled up the gas tank before I left home, and didn't even have to fill it up again before getting back where I started. I even came back from the trip with more music to bring to you on wheel of wonder and add to the KAOS music Library.
I especially enjoyed my time talking with Oliver (the lead male vocalist), and the other members of Faun. What very fine people they are! I was also introduced to the music of Vixy and Tony (indy artists from Seattle!) and will be sure to share some of their music with you on Wheel of Wonder. They should fit well into other KAOS programs as well. The whimsical, playful and happy (viciously happy, on Bad Faeries Night) energy always attributed to the Fay was definitely present at this event. The Dragonflies and Flying Grasshoppers (or were they...?) were ever present to remind us of Travelers to the Dreamtime, the chirp and flutter of tiny fairy voices and the tinkle of fairy bells. I've come back from the experience feeling no small amount of Glamour and creativity! Through the next few Wheel of Wonder broadcasts, I'll endeavor to share it with you.
The picture above is one of the beautiful creations of Musician and Artist Priscilla Hernandez who also creates beautiful, mythic music, I will include in future Wheel of Wonder shows.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 2, 2009

Happy Lughnasadh! This week on Wheel of Wonder, we'll talk about the Holiday, and its prelude to the winter's dark, self reflective time to harvest one's knowledge and return with greater wisdom in the Spring to continue your life's work. This is the experience of Cerridwynn's Cauldron of rebirth. Because it is Lughnasadh, we will also speak of Lugh, and the nature god aspect of the God of the Grain and Wild. This weeks episode will be pre-recorded, and broadcast while your host (me) attends Faerieworlds 2009. From which I too will come back with greater Wisdom through Interviewing and learning from the perspective of many of the Musicians we hear on Wheel of Wonder regularly. This weeks episode will include new music from Threefold, and the band Lunasa, as well as newspieces and articles about the Pagan experiences and this holiday. In a way, this installation will hearken back to some themes as early as Wheel of Wonder's first broadcast in a weekly timeslot, as I am harvesting the knowledge of what I have experienced with you, the listeners since this journey has begun. Please tune in.
Image to the right from Creative Commons, Artist unknown.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wheel of Wonder July 26th 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder come dance the circle of life and rebirth as we explore the Spiral Dance. We'll not just be speaking of Starhawk's great book about the rebirth of the Goddess, but we will also talk about the Reclaiming tradition a bit, and what the Spiral Dance really is. It is an important part of what many pagan/neo-pagan groups do when they get together for Full Moon rituals , Beltane, and Samhain Eve. I intend to include some info from not only Starhawk , but also touch on the work of Macha NightMare. We'll also speak more about the Faerieworlds event and introduce new music from SJ Tucker. Come drift through the Labyrinth with me on Wheel of Wonder.

Picture from Willow Arlenea .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wheel of Wonder July 19th, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll be speaking about Druids, Druidry and Druidism (that's another one of those earth friendly 'isms"). The Druid subject, is a huge subject more worthy of several shows than just one, but I will try to distill the information into a manageable audio formula for your Sunday morning.
A quote from the website of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids describes Druidry as: "... a vital and dynamic Nature-based spirituality that is flourishing all over the world, and that unites our love of the Earth with our love of creativity and the Arts. And flowing through all the exciting new developments in modern Druidism is the power of an ancient tradition: the love of land, sea and sky - the love of the Earth our home." I will try to share with you more of the messages from this Order in the course of this episode of Wheel of Wonder along with some information cited from R.J. Stewart, and Rudolf Steiner and of course new music; this week from Telling the Bees .
Image above and to the right is original work of Dan Ivanov

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wheel of Wonder, July 12th, 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder, I'll feature the first installation in a many part mini-series called "Bardic Byways." What is a Bard? An old English guy who writes plays? Any Entertainer who performs in public? Or is it a chosen Path to ancient knowledge in the post-Industrial World? Originally the Bards were the disseminators of knowledge throughout the ancient world. Now in the world of the internet and immediate information 24/7 what should a Bard be now? How can the Bardic interpretation of the world, help us as a people? These ideas are what we'll begin to explore on Wheel of Wonder this week. We'll talk with Jane Valencia, Bardic Harper from San Francisco, CA and we'll feature new music from Sharon Knight and other Pagan and even non-pagan modern Bards in our many music and storysinging sets. Its a journey within the journey that is Wheel of Wonder.
*the image above to the right is from the Sacred Fire website where you can also find good information.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wheel of Wonder July 5th 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we will walk the mythic threads that tie all human cultures together. We'll flow like rivers to the sea from Native American Myth and Legend to Celtic, Yoruban and Hindi Mythology, are we all one people with one common vision? Diversity exists, but Mythic Similarity does too. Hear the mythic stories, with passages from Gaia Eros by Jesse Wolf Harding, new music from Gaia tribe and some great references from the book Wisdom of the Mythtellers by Sean Kane. We also will touch on the Mayan Prophecy and what it may mean to our changing world. Join me on the journey through the legends that shape so many cultural views on Wheel of Wonder!
PS: I have no Idea what that little guy's head is doing down in the bottom of the picture. Perhaps he too, is very interested in Sacred Geometry.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wheel of Wonder June 28 2009

This week's Wheel of Wonder will focus on Shamanism, with new music from John Huling, Native American Flutist and even some tracks from Faun Fables. I'll also introduce concepts from Articles by Shamanic Healer Alberto Villoldo, and developer of the Core Shamanism school of thought Michael Harner. I will also try to collect information from the Book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wheel of Wonder for Litha 2009 or, Never mind what I said before.....

Well it appears that someone heard me speak of my occasional dissapointment for having the radio show on so late (see the new timeslot in the header above). I am happy to be beginning to broadcast the show after sunrise on the Solstice! Come dance with me, Damh, and Chris Bingham, Moving Breath and Denean! We will celebrate the change in the Wheel of Wonder timeslot with a great Solstice show, in which I intend to include live (pre-recorded) interviews from the Fremont Solstice Parade, an annual Seattle tradition organized by the Fremont Arts Council (which occurs on Saturday, the 2oth of June, starting at 12pm)! There are many places on the net to find pictures from the Fremont Solstice Parade, even pictures of the Solstice Cyclists. I will also share information on the holiday from Pagan educational writer Patti Wiggington

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wheel Of Wonder June 16 2009

June 16th Wheel of Wonder will focus on the triple goddess in all her aspects as maiden, mother and crone and the symbolism of these three phases of the divine feminine. The content will include entries from Book of Shadows online and new music by Kellianna and Wendy Rule. This will be the last late Tuesday night Wheel of Wonder for a while, so listen for Wheel of Wonder at its new time 6am-9am Sunday morning just before New Dimensions, on KAOS 89.3 FM!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The experience of doing the Radio Show.

I've done nine Wheel of Wonder shows now, including the three one-hour Rookie Radio slots on KAOS 89.3 FM Olympia Community Radio. Each show is its own microcosm of musical outreach and education. It's high time to be able to clarify the real perspective of the witch, druid, bard, shaman or sustainable community builder. I've had the opportunity to speak of the Celtic year, the symbolism and meaning of the cauldron, the crone, the pentagram, some of the New Age Movement, and the importance of the sacred, historic and mythic stories and how they incarnate in our real lives. I have even been able to share works of journalism focused on modern witch hunts. (Yes, they do still happen.)

I am so thankful that KAOS is around; everyone here is part of a very supportive community. KAOS's mission is to make available a medium of expression for marginalized and minority voices (like Pagans and other earth spiritualists), issues of social justice, and promoting the work of independent artists. I occasionally regret that the show is on at such late an hour (1-3pm Pacific Standard Time, although you can stream it on the Web. It is worth listening to if you're one of those late night people, or you work a graveyard shift and have access to a radio. But, overall I'm thankful to both the human and the divine for having this opportunity.

As I learn more about blogging, I look forward to posting to the site more links to blogs of note, artists, writers, and activists. I look forward to posting pictures, playlists, and of course past scripts from Wheel of Wonder. Follow the journey. You'll find it worthwhile.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Warrior's Path


"Warrior Story"
This week on Wheel of Wonder, we'll discuss the path of the pagan warrior. Whether Asatru (norse pagan), Druidic, or a person walking the path of the peaceful warrior, there will stories, explanations, and of course music, by or about earth spiritualists on the warrior path.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Cobaltquilter ! Great to hear from you, the blog is brand new so keep an eye out for info!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming up on June 2nd

Come follow me, come dance with me
Come with me to the Greenwood Grove, there's magic there to see
-- From Greenwood Grove by Damh the Bard

This week's episode will focus on dancing and the Spiral Dance. I'll play music from S.J. Tucker and Jeff Victor as well as many other great artists. I'll also try and read some pieces from Starhawk. Tune in and follow along on Wheel of Wonder.

March 18th Wheel of Wonder: Where it all began

On March 18, 2009, I finished my programer's training at KAOS 89.3 FM Olympia and produced my one hour "Rookie Radio" show. I had decided on the format of an educational show, but with good emotional impact, and my choice of content was art and environmental sustainability from the perspective of the Earth Spiritualist culture. The education was in explaining, to the best of my knowledge the real perspective of the witch, the shaman, and the sustainability advocate. The emotional content was in the music that I so regularly encounter, music that originates from the earth-centered spirituality of the artist or carries within it the feeling and the mythic references of an ancient "magical" perspective.

My first ever Wheel of Wonder show was based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. I included talking spots that explained the meaning of the holidays to the people who currently, and historically, observe them and sought out four sets of music chosen specifically to illustrate the beliefs and emotion of the holiday. I have always believed music is the universal language, its sounds carrying myriad meanings and emotions that reach beyond the spoken word.

My efforts appeared to have been succesful. People still comment on and compliment that first Wheel of Wonder show. While I was on the air, I recieved at least three phone calls thanking me for doing it, and two people came back to the air studio to express similar feelings. I did two more "Rookie Radio" Wheel of Wonder shows, and now it is a weekly offering on KAOS. Several people have also accepted my invitations to interview on the show.

I've posted the radio script to the first ever Wheel of Wonder show here, along with all the links I could establish to the artists' sites in the hopes you could hear the music, and feel the meaning of this first ever program, that certainly changed how I choose to approach these issues in my life. I hope it stimulates new and interesting thoughts for you as well. :

"It's 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, so you must be listening to Rookie Radio on K - A - O - S 89.3 Olympia!

This is Radio Ray, bringing you the Wheel of Wonder for the next 60 minutes of your busy life. We just heard:

Loreena McKennit's All Soul's night off "The Visit" 1991 Universal Records

In ancient times in western Europe, agrarian peoples had many festivals during the year celebrating planting, harvests and nature's fecundity.

They saw nature as a living being, a being that fed them, clothed them, brought spiritual strength and spirit helpers to their aid, provided they respected her,
considered themselves part of nature, not masters over it.

The Celtic Wheel of the year reflects this belief, cycling through the seasons from the beginning of the celtic year: All Soul's night, or All Hallow's Eve, and continuing through Yule, Imbolc, the vernal equinox, and all the rest of the pagan sabbots.

In the course of the year, there are only four months that do not have a holiday or ritual within them, and then there may still be a full moon ritual. Wheel of Wonder is a musical journey through the neo-pagan/earth spiritualist year.

I'm gonna start this set off with a song dedicated to the reflective nature of Yule, the midwinter time of the year, and the beginning of the sun's return.
Followed by a full moon dance, then a song to Brighita; patron lady of the inner fire of inspiration and poetry, and the observance day named Imbolc, or Candlemas, on February 2.

Jane Valencia

Circle of Women

Lisa Thiel

You just heard "Candlemas Song" by Lisa Thiel from Songs of Transformation, off her label, Sacred Music, 1994. Before that was "Full Moonlight Dance" from Circle of Women, 1997 Rhino Records. We started that set with Jane Valencia's "Into Forest Halls", our song for Yule.

After the first planting and the rededication of pledges for the coming year, the first awakenings of spring spread across the earth. Sheep and horses start to foal, birds begin to return, and flowers begin to bloom in hopes of pollination.

Many modern pagan beliefs honor masculine and feminine energies represented by the God and the Goddess, there are times when one of these polarities is as strong , or stronger than the other, though both existing within ourselves.

As we move through Ostara, (the spring equinox), the part of the year were the Sun god is strongest, the god Mithras, who helps the dead ascend into the realms of light is reborn.

A masculine sort of energy subtly comes to the fore now, and so we begin a male set of music, starting with Orison, followed by Evergreen alumni Chris Bingham of Gaia Consort, sharing with us the life affirming holidays of Beltane, or May Day, and Litha, the Summer Solstice.

Woo! That was Gaia Consort with Chris Bingham performing "Solstice Call", off the album Evolve and "Beltane Fires" off Secret Voices 2004 and 2001 respectively. Self Produced.
Chris Bingham and friends have a new project forming called Bone Poets Orchestra. I'll be looking for that.

Before that we heard "The Butterfly" by Orison, Narada World Music.

This is Radio Ray, and we've gotten all the way to August 1st; Lughnasadh
on Wheel of Wonder.

Lughnasadh is the first harvest, a time to sacrifice bad habits, while still honoring the warmth and the Sun God with levity and joy. It's time to consider the coming darkness, death and rebirth.

Place your troubles in the statue of the wicker man and burn him in the fire, metaphorically the god of the grain and wild is:
killed, cut, crushed,
cooked and strained,
made into beer, bread and game.

Soon will come Mabon, the autumn equinox, and Samhain, known as Halloween: Important holidays of the Goddess turned crone, remembering the dead, and turning inward, like the mixture in the cauldron. The past years ingredients, harvested together and imbibed in your being. Death to the old you, but great joy for the rebirth your experiences will bring you by the spring.

To express the feelings of this time of year we'll hear a set from Damh the Bard.

Damh the Bard

That was Damh the Bard with "On Samhain's Eve", and "The Mabon" from The Hills They Are Hollow 2005 self produced. We had a short, but really fun piece from Castalia off her album In Plain Sight and another by Damh off Herne's Apprentice from back in 2003.

This next piece is another take on Mabon by Omnia. Recorded live and found on their album Live Religion, it invokes the beautiful, reflective aspect of autumn, the time when the year begins to slow down, and you can harvest knowledge from the seeds you planted throughout the rest of the year.


Think about that as you listen, how are you different now than you were a year ago? What makes you who you are today, this day? That's the reflective nature of Mabon. That's the harvest that feeds your soul.

This is Radio Ray, and this was Wheel of Wonder. Thanks for listening.
Blessed Be.