Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wheel of Wonder October 24, 2010

For the past year and seven months KAOS community Radio has been a wonderful medium from which to broadcast Wheel of Wonder. I'm thankful they gave a Pagan radio show a chance, and I am equally thankful for all of the calls and "thanks for doing this" mesages I've received from listeners and all folks who comment on this blog! This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll be joined in the studio by other fine KAOS producers, as we finish out our Fall FUNdrive! I Hope many listeners and people who appreciate this loveley local station, that amazingly streams on the Internet everywhere, will support the work we do, and the information we share by donating to this worthy cause: Local ,independent Radio voices!
You can call the Station during Wheel of Wonder to donate, or just go on line to to do the same. Its your chance to thank KAOS for playing your music, or info about the alternate philosophies and interesting stories I always try to bring you on Wheel of Wonder!
Because it is the fall FUNdrive, this week I'll be bringing you the music of celebration! Music that makes you want to get up and dance! And because here in the Northern Hemisphere we're reaching the end of the Celtic Year and the late night and early morning sunlight, we'll also have some deeper music that inspires the inner Journey, maybe even music that reminds you of the approach of Samhain. Please join me and help us support KAOS radio, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

----Radio Ray
The picture to the right is a concept drawing of Cernunnos, by me, which probably explains why I don't post my art here very often.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wheel of Wonder October 17, 2010

Listen in for another Bardic Byways episode this week on Wheel of Wonder! We'll have the lead singer of the Indy Music group from Seattle "Bards of the Koad" on for a live interview. The Bards of the Koad are a group of musicians who decided to pool their creative resources together in pursuit of music geared towards the hope and beauty found in Nature. i will also include music inspired by improving community and finding the joy that can't be measured in paychecks in the course of life. We'll speak some on the Bardic viewpoints and what the Bard's Awen really is (as well as I can interpret it). I hope to include some information on the myths and virtues of plants too, sharing information from the writings of Kate West and Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gom. As always, fine independent music about the earth as sacred and inspirational too, this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The picture to the right is of course, from the cover of the book The Druid plant oracle, illustrations by Will Worthington

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wheel of Wonder October 10, 2010

Wheel of Wonder 10-10-10! This week on Wheel of Wonder I'm bringing you new music, well maybe with a few familiar favorites, but mostly all new. Also this week, in recognition of the autumn of the year, we will include brief memorandums for major twentieth century intellectuals of the Pagan Movement who have passed on, but had great impact on the Pagan Movement while living: Issac Bonewits and Gerald Gardner. Issac Bonewits just died this year,and was an author and Archdruid worthy of note, and of course Gerald Gardener had a huge impact on the rebirth of Paganism during his most active years of 1948-1958. We will also try to cover some of the information that is available on living Pagan Philosopher and Writer Raymond Buckland and his well known Pagan viewpoints. As of the time of this writing Mr. Buckland was not available for comment but I will share what can be found about his philosophies with you. On another episode I intend to share my findings and observations on the viewpoints of the leading women Intellectuals of the Pagan movement. New music and interesting viewpoints on Paganism, this week on Wheel of Wonder!
Picture to the right is "Celtic Deer Shaman" by Susan Seddon Boulet. Find more of her art here.