Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wheel of Wonder December 23, 2012

The Winter Solstice has come and gone again, and the wheel keeps on turning, now we can spin into a brighter era, a brand new year.  I had always had a hunch(which I've posted about before) that the great change at the end of the last 5000 year cycle would be a change in how Humans interact with each other, not necessarily how we experience matter in this third dimensional existence.  The experience of matter, dualism, and transdimensional awareness is still to come.
 Perhaps if, as they say, our physical relationship, on this Earth, to the energy waves (for want of a better term) of the Milky Way Galaxy are in more direct correlation (astronomical position) to our planet, will those subtle changes in Gaia's energy field (and our subconscious, or spiritually awakened sense of it) instill us with a stronger sense of connection to the rest of existence?  To the rest of Humanity?  Because now we are experiencing a different relationship to energies beyond Earth, will our perspective change towards cooperation and oneness?  Perhaps that would be enough to do the great work of the 21st century; Changing our societal structures from models of domination by the few (and usually very rich) to models of cooperation.  the model of the new Earth Community.  If so, then we as Humans are destined to advance as a species.  Some say that this is inevitable.  This gives us cause for hope!
Misty Musings, from the Maritime Coast.
The idea of a time of greater light (and perhaps magic and spirituality) has always been a theme that is woven through many cultures for the time after the Winter Solstice, so that's what I chose to speak about this week on Wheel of Wonder.  If you had wondered what music would be chosen for such a theme check it out on sidebar click: KAOS look for Wheel of Wonder.
 May this new age bring you great Joy and Light!  Ascend in Beauty.

The picture above is of an Alpine Guesthouse located in a National Park in Canada.  It is not my intention to advertise for them, but it is a beautiful place.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wheel of Wonder December 16, 2012

"Earth my body, Water my blood....."
--Element Chant by Spiral Rhythm

Its interesting to note that throughout human history, great cultural changes have often been preceded by natural disasters.  The biblical flood that was believed to have changed the biodiversity of the animal kingdom, Vesuvius that changed the entire concept of Humans relationship to nature.  In modern times: Hurricane Katrina, which shone a bright light on how classicist the United States Government can be, on how the government will rush to protect the rich before the poor.  The aftermath of Katrina also stimulated cross ethnic, cross class, and cross cultural cooperation among many humans, who all pulled together to help those they could who had been devastated by the storm.

But even in the case of Natural Disasters, think about this:  If a virus infects you and is threatening your body, does your nose run?  Do you cough?  In the case of a very high fever can you lose brain cells?  If you were to put your body on the size scale of the Earth, wouldn't these be natural disasters to whatever bacteria ("life") are living on or in your body?  When these symptoms pass, do you feel better?  Are you a "Healthier Ecosystem?"  I think so."Earth my Body, Water my blood..."
Other times, do you change your mind, your health, your lifestyle without becoming sick first?  If so, then no natural disasters have occurred within your ecosystem, but a cultural change has occurred within your mind.

Some of the channeled information I've come across (and as I've said about channeled information before, whichever way it is that you view channeling, listen and see if there is any wisdom in what is being said by the Channels, or "Mediums" then decide if it contains good advise or observations, if it does? Consider it.) in this time of transition, we are seeing cultural changes occur, without natural disasters always occurring at the same time.  For example:  the US election (twice) of an administration that has shown its intention to take things in a different direction than has been known in the past, a more fair and equitable direction (though this administration does have a ways to go yet, in this regard).  Just so with the "Slow Food Movement" and the increased reliance on the local economies (which serve to strengthen that economy within its area).

  In  Gaia Theory the Earth is considered to be a large interconnected, living  ecosystem always adjusting to keep itself in balance to support life.  This is why some species die, and others live or are "discovered" (perhaps born?)  Some information from a channel to Gaia gives the impression that is part of why natural disasters occur too. I  know of some groups who get together specifically to join in rituals of healing for Mother Earth, people who believe that by taking in, and processing some of the "excess energy" of Mother Earth, just like a lightning rod, they help decrease the chance of natural disasters occurring here on Earth. Could Humans be evolving into a more cooperative species, a more spiritual, a more hopeful one?  If so, then perhaps not as many natural disasters need occur to shock people out of their complacency.  What if from such an enlightened perspective, we can help bring on a transition within the human psyche, from a less competitive, winner takes all mentality to one of greater cooperation and life affirming values?  What if we can do this without any one's village or city being destroyed?   These are the ideas I'll be exploring this week on Wheel of Wonder, with help from some wisdom believed to be shared through channels of more advanced entities, some of the writings of YES! Magazine and great independent music.  "Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, and Fire my Spirit!  I am born of the elements!"

The picture above "Earth Spirit"  was created by Engelszorn, this piece and others can be found on DeviantART

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wheel of Wonder November 24, 2012

As we begin the new Celtic year, while drawing to a close on the Roman Calendar year, many people are finding themselves dreaming, thinking, or perhaps worrying about "the end of the millenia", in the sense of the expected "shift of reality" on the Winter Solstice of this year.  These ideas are woven into some New Age thinking and into the ending of the Mayan calendar, some seem to carry a certain nervousness about it.  . "The end of the world as we know it" does not inherently mean apocalypse, the death of humanity and such concerns as these, some look at it as more of the end of the old ways of being towards each other (the world as we know it) and our place in the natural order of things; Dominator or Co-Creator.  Whichever way one looks at it, it is an opportunity to reflect on what seems to work and what is no longer working in the structure of Human Civilization.
I've been recently re-reading David Korten's work on  "Empire (the dominator structure; few in charge, many beneath them)" and "Earth Community (the co-creator structure, collaboration for the good of the majority)"  Many believe its time to shift from the former structure, to the latter.  So this week I'll be speaking a bit about "Earth Community" (Korten, "The Great Turning" copyright 2006, People-Centered Development Program). Korten suggests human cooperation is like a forest ecosystem in some respects, this imagery will be with us this week on Wheel of Wonder.  As will new and independent, earth friendly music.  Your invited on the journey!

The picture to the right is called "Cascade Pass" and is by Ed Farrel taken in Washington State, USA

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wheel of Wonder November 4 2012

Some celebrations are designed to honor the dead, and thank them for the knowledge they brought to the living.  In the Spirit of the Day of the Dead, I am thinking about the knowledge of the underworld and the walking of the Labyrinth this week.  Both of these have been symbolic, in many Shamanic cultures, of death of the old way of thinking, to be reborn into the new.
  Some ecstatic experiences, like the channelling of spirits in voodoo, or talking to mediums to settle things with your family and your ancestors, relate directly to contacting that place of awareness where one can communicate with the dead.  Ever sat around a Ouija board trying to talk to spirits?  That is also an attempt to achieve this.
    It is no coincidence that the underworld (not the fiery brimstone one, that seems to me like some religion's idea of scaring folks into obedience) is a recurring theme in the legends of death and rebirth, just like the seed you harvest from the plant that is buried and "returns" from the underworld to serve its life supporting purpose,  the underworld journeys of Shamans, Heroes, and wise ones , like the labyrinth, represent going inside, through your fears, to achieve new knowledge.  These are some of the universal symbols that can be found in nearly all cultures.  In modern neo-pagan beliefs, Earth is considered the element that represents the wisdom of the ancestors, it is the element of the caves, and often of Winter(the death of life before rebirth).
This week I'm going to be mindful of taking a musical journey through the underworld, the labyrinth, reaching the center and returning, to find the true self.  I'm inviting you to listen in on this journey.

The picture to the right is of a place called Deer Cave, in Malaysia, picture by David Darling

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wheel of Wonder October 28, 2012

Samhain again, so soon?  Once again we've reached the end of the Celtic Year, and the spirits and the energies of the season are thought to be at their strongest for divining and communing, and remembering too.  The Ancestors are watching, some will say.  Halloween however has only very recently in the course of Human History developed its reputation for being "Scary and Evil."  These days perhaps, at least in the Western World, that may just be part of the strategy for selling candy, costumes and movies!
  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll speak about the true origins of Halloween, which I call Samhain and perhaps, once again tap in to the Taibhsear Tales I've shared with you in the past.
  We will also have an Interview with Jon and Melissa, the creative team behind Eleusyve productions' modern music interpretations of Alistair Crowley's Rites of Eleusis poems. Along the lines of the belief in connecting with Spirits and becoming  tuned in to Planetary energies Crowley wrote these ritual poems, with some info borrowed from the Hermetic order and a great deal of inspiration from  the Kabbalah tree of life.  This shows Crowley to also be capable of almost Bardic inspiration.  Eleusyve productions offers a more modern interpretation of these works and will be performing the "Rite of Sol" Rock Musical in Seattle, WA between November 2nd and 10th.
Happy Samhain and join me on the dawn of the Full Hunter's moon, this week on Wheel of Wonder!
  The Picture to the right came from a great blog called and I believe it was created by a man named Silent Owl, good blog, check it out here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wheel of Wonder October 14, 2012

Wow!  Summer stretched this year clear into mid-October.  Forest Fires even started getting a bit out of hand for Humans in the Northwest corner of what modern Bards call Turtle Island.  Thankfully, the rain has returned and things are shaping up to be an honest and admirable Autumn.

Lady Autumn claims the leaves from the trees
A sacrifice to feed future seeds
The Green Man reaches towards the blue
A sigh of silver, the cold wind blows through
Each Tree Spirit, more grand than me
boughs their head in this dance of leaves
So many birds, their dance, the dance of spring
they hear distant summer songs, and take to the wing
to follow pathways created by the errant breeze
Parties in emerald ballrooms is how they wish their winters away
crisp golden carpets do not offer them homes in which to stay.
But those in the tangles where green and yellow meet
they stay to remind us of Spring's magic feet.
We Humans must observe this, or how could Autumn ever be
more than death and dying, a moribund scene
but a song, or a movement, in life's changing symphony

---Ray (Mabon 2012)

I enjoy the Autumn very much, always seemed to me a time for change, not death.  A time for new things.  This week on Wheel of Wonder I hope to bring new music from Sharon Knight, Wendy Rule, and other indy artists.  As the world is all a great place of interconnectedness, I expect within these expressions to find a message that flows through the waves of song and connects then with a common thread, and I look forward to sharing that with you.  Thank you to those who called in last week during the KAOS Fall membership drive, please consider donating if you haven't, I cannot think of very many free form radio stations out there  besides the one I'm allowed to bring you Wheel of Wonder on!  KAOS is so commited to Free Form Radio, they've lost several corporate sponsors, because they won't "change to a more regular format" (Like all Jazz, Classical, or House Music) as some public stations do.  This Indy Media could use your support (Would you ever expect to hear Wheel of Wonder on NPR really?). 
 As always, if there is something you would really like to talk about/research/share on Wheel of Wonder, or some incredible independent music you'd like me to play email me, please at: or post on this blog.  Thank you for listening!
Next Week on Wheel of Wonder, I'll be doing my part to bring you the broadcast for the Annual Homelessness Marathon  on KAOS 89.3fm

The picture above, to the right is entitled Autumn Rayne and was found on DeviantArt. Created by Derek Emmons

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wheel of Wonder September 30, 2012

Back at it again, after having spent the Autumn Equinox witnessing the seeding of a new Bardic Gorsedd in the stone circle up at the Redmond Longhouse!  This "Gathering of Bards" intends to be an annual event and they called it, appropriately enough; Caer Mabon in honor of the Holiday.  This event was one of the many workshops and/or rituals that made up the OLOTEAS(Our Lady of the Earth and Sky) concentric circles gathering, there were Wicca/Witchcraft and Druid rituals in abundance there.  There were also vendors , Tarot readers, and workshops present too.  I had occasion to meet the some folks from Eleusyve Productions; a Seattle based theater troupe who take Alistair Crowley's rites of Eleusis and changes them into Rock Musicals.  I' m looking forward to inviting them onto Wheel of Wonder soon!
All in all it was a good way to spend the Autumn Equinox.  There's nothing quite so dramatic on a Mabon eve as to stand in a stone circle after dark on the Equinox, seeing the torches lit at every stone, and a brazier of burning fire in the center of the circle while a half waxing moon glows orange (yes, orange!) in the sky above.
This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll speak about the legend of the Mabon, Journeys to the Underworld in pursuit of Wisdom, The image of the Cauldron, and the Harvest Moon.  While your at it, check out the new links talking about OLOTEAS, and Eleusyve productions!
I didn't get a good picture of the Stone Circle in Redmond.  The one above is in Ireland:  a great picture taken by a fellow named Ojibwa for the internet news magazine Daily Kos.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wheel of Wonder September 16, 2012

The Autumn is coming around again, and Wheel of Wonder, broadcasting as it does from the radio station of a Liberal Arts College, will soon be reaching the ears of a whole new set of curious learners, questors, seekers and spiritualists.  It is around this time of year, fast approaching Alban Elfed (Mabon) and Samhain (Halloween), that I take the listeners back to the original inspiration for the radio show, and a good portion of my lifestyle:  The Celtic Wheel of the Year.  We'll be discussing the wheel of the year this week, so any who are interested please tune in, learn a bit more about one earth spirit observance, or pass it on to someone new, who's curious.  Wheel of Wonder streams on line 8am-10am Pacific Standard time on, and comcast cable channel 982.  Its only live, no podcasts of this show.  As a host, I love how that feel so real! Check out the independent music and info as we circumambulate the Celt Pagan Wheel of the Year!
This beautiful wheel of the year was found on the Wiccan site Neat links in the margin too!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wheel of Wonder September 9, 2012

Hello again.  As I sat in a park yesterday evening,  feeling showered by a very light mist of Fir Tree pollen, watching the sun sink down beyond the ridge earlier than it had been for a while, a cool wind blew through the trees foreshadowing the coming of Autumn.  There have been many Harvest festivals in this area lately, and more to come in the next couple of weeks, the weather has been perfect for outdoor activities, it still seems like summer, but the trees, the trees always know what time it is.  I've been seeing the yellow plum leaves begin to carpet my garden, and I'll be planting my over winter crops soon (the leaves will mulch it for me).  All these images and experiences remind me of the Oak king and his winter transformation, dying to assure good soil in the spring.  So this week on Wheel of Wonder, I'll be putting a little bit of focus on Cernunnos.
  The Pagan Book of Days, I checked out from my local library, has inspired me again; listing September 9th as Cernunnus(or "Horned God") day, and also the traditional day of the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance in Staffordshire, UK. We'll speak a bit on that with some help from John Matthews and his insightful book "The Quest for the Green Man" (2001 godsfield press). Of course, we will also have music.  A bit of "Old Horney" to balance, slightly, last week's focus on the teachings of Gaia. This week on Wheel of Wonder!
(Remember my cartoon-y Cernunnos picture above?)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Wheel of Wonder September 2, 2012

September already?  Well, August was a good month for study.  I've been thinking about Ascension, as a path to spiritual evolution.  Many Ascensionists find channeled information a great path towards insight and learning, and there are very many channelers out in the world, working to share their insights and knowledge.  Sometimes it may seem hard to know if those who are considered "Mediums"  for more highly evolved spirits are indeed truly channelers.  Be that as it may, it would be good to listen to what they have to say, open, or at least broad mindedly, for there may be some wisdom in their words, once one works past the spooky bugaboo of "are they for real, or not?"  What do their words say?  Does that make sense to you?  If so, consider it.  I love bringing you what information I find, but the path to each person's unique truth, that which speaks to their spirit, that is a journey they must take themselves.
This week I'll be sharing some of the words believed to be channelled from other spirits, and more great music from independent and expansively thinking artists. For more, please listen to Wheel of Wonder (
The picture above is of a set of crop circles I found compiled on the ufomystic blog.  Some channeled information states some crop circles are placed in the fields of Earth to help Humans expand there thinking beyond this, the 3rd Dimension, even perhaps placed here by beings in fourth, fifth, or sixth dimensional existence.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wheel of Wonder July 22, 2012

The wheels turn and its time for me to take to the road and the research again, just like a veritable Bard.  I won't be hosting Wheel of Wonder for a couple of  weeks, as I sally forth (energetically, but non-violently) to secure new Music, New Interviews and New Information to bring to Wheel of Wonder!  This week, July 22 Sy, from the Junglee hour will be hosting the show and next week, on July 29, it will be brought to you by Lois, from Morning Star Cafe.  Will I be back shortly after Lammas? I will try.  This weekend a great event is occuring down along the Columbia:  Summerstar spiritual retreat (and first ever real life quidditch!) followed next weekend by Faerieworlds in Eugene, OR.  I intend to get my shoes dusty!  Last week we spoke of New Age/Neo Pagan Relationships to spirits and Nature and a bit about public ritual.  The message from that show I share again:  May you all have good relations, with the world and those you meet in it.  Blessings!  Thanks for continuing to listen to Wheel of Wonder!
---Radio Ray  (The picture above is from one of my walks in the woods, near Deception Pass)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wheel of Wonder July 8, 2012

Shamanism, also the art of prophecy, is a practice that has existed in nearly every culture all around the world, throughout time.  These days it is usually associated with Native American spirituality, but many non natives and new age spiritualists have found these practises along their spirit paths as well.  This week we'll focus on specifically Celtic Shamanism.
  Yes indeed, Celtic.   Ireland, Scotland, and Britain have a rich history of Poet Shamans and prophetic visionaries in their past too.  Some of the most famous of these were Finn MacCoumail, his son, the poet Ossien, Amerigan the Druid, Merlin, and most especially the Welsh Bard of Bards Taliesin (believed from research and archaeological evidence to have been active, or at least consciously reincarnated, around the 5th century AD).  There are many Traditions in Celtic Shamanism and the practice is often attributed to Bards, Vates and Druids.  Though there is evidence that some Shamans were only Shamans too.  Citing some references from John Matthews book "Taliesin:  The Last Celtic Shaman" (1991 Aquarian Press), we'll explore the ideas and evidence found and shared about the Celtic Shamans.  Punctuated by great music, and good information, this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The picture above can be found on the Celtic Shamanism Site of Paul H. Richard.

Wheel of Wonder July 1 2012

Half way through 2012 Western Washington is still here.  I've encountered more spiritual people though.  Could that be the change of things 2012 is going to bring us?  Some believe it's the  Medicine Wheel Rituals so often performed these days that are helping us through this time.  Last week I had the occasion to experience such a ceremony on Midsummer's Eve, a holiday the Neo-Pagans call Litha.  The energy was strong and the healing and connecting quite present.  It was fortuitous for me as well.  I've just recently been reading the book "Walking on the Wind:  Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance" by Michael Garret (1998 Bear and Company Publishing, Santa Fe, NM)  I was most interested in "The Rule of Opposites" it states among other things that both opposites are real and both are right, its just the same idea seen from a different perspective.  Much like the Native American Elder at The Medicine Wheel ceremony described the more "European" (I say Neo-Pagan) ceremonies people are doing.  They are all trying to achieve the same thing: Living harmoniously together, and healing the Earth.  It turns out that the Elder in question was part Cherokee too!  After I told her about Wheel of Wonder she asked if I would share some of the words from "Walking on the Wind"  with the people listening, as long as I gave credit to the Native American Man who wrote the book.  I did, and I focussed on the "Rule of Opposites" the Author shared seven main lessons from it, and I made it through most of them.  This week I will share the last two. "Understanding underlying truths eliminates any need for discord in our lives."  and  "Through Choice of perspective and appropriate action, we are free to balance ourselves as we see fit." (pp. 99-101 Garret) and perhaps a bit more of his work and some of the work of Christopher Penczak as well.  Of course the same musical ambience and independent voices you have come to expect if you listen to Wheel of Wonder will be present too!
PS:  Check out the new links!  The Medicine Wheel picture above was created by a Cree artist named Gordon Perreault.  Check out more of his work here. Those who do not want to follow this link check google, one of the strings to his work may have malware. (I don't think its this one)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wheel of Wonder Beltane to Litha

Yes indeed the Wheel keeps turning.  Now we come back to the bright part of the year!  Sometimes this time of the year also seems like a time of new learning.  I've learned a bit about Epigenetics, which includes, among many deeper ideas, The idea that one's entire life course is not necessarily pre-determined by the DNA code you were born with.  One of the ideas this puts forward is that changing one's living environment, and lifestyle may also heal and change you on a molecular level.  Interesting.  The beginnings of a Scientific basis to prove (or at least accomodate) the well-known "New Age" idea "The Law of Attraction." I've learned of new findings of huge Limestone Caves in various parts of the world, underground, but with shafts of sunlight beaming through sinkholes above and plants, animals, and microclimates living within.  Much like the "Hollow Hills" or, the underground faerie lands of the sidhe and such folk of Celtic Legend.  Perhaps one day we will all learn that Science and Magic are more closely related than we first believed?  Time will tell....
Thanks to everyone who listens to Wheel of Wonder, and all of you who are patient enough to check back on this blog from time to time.  I'm still working to bring more thinkers, healers and writers onto the show, but in the meantime, I'll still bring you good music and the occasional new Link to look into your interests!  Summer Blessings!
----Radio Ray

This time, sorry to say, I don't know where this picture came from, if anyone else knows Email the info please

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wheel of Wonder April 22, 2012

We have forgotten who we are
we have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos
we have become estranged from the movements of the earth
We have turned our backs on the cycles of life
We have forgotten who we are
We have sought only our own security
we have exploited simply for our own ends
we have distorted our knowledge
we have abused our power
we have forgotten who we are
now the forests are dying
and the creatures are disappearing
and humans are despairing
we have forgotten who we are
we ask forgiveness
we ask for the gift of remembering
we ask for the strength to change
we have forgotten who we are
-----United Nations Sabbath project
from "the Quest for the Green Man" by John Matthews (2001 Godsfield press)

Though this message is intense its food for thought, information I love to share with you through Wheel of Wonder.  This Sunday is an exciting one.
What a great Sunday!  Happy Earth Day!  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the origins of the Earth Day Holiday.  Where'd that come from?  When did it begin, and very importantly, what has its impact been on our modern, global earth culture?  This week is also the week of the KAOS membership drive, you can call right in, support independent, non-profit radio, and even here a live interview with Celia Farran!  She'll be talking and playing music, live in studio!
The music won't be limited to just Celia though, the information won't be limited to Earth Day, its an opportunity to learn more about community radio, and of course, to hear new voices, and lots of the great music you like on Wheel of Wonder.  Please tune in, and help keep independent voices, music and live pagan/spiritualist content on the Airwaves.  This week on Wheel of Wonder.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Celia Farran! Three concerts in the area.

Hello friends, Pagans, and Listeners of the show! Its been such a pleasure to bring you Wheel of Wonder for the past three years, through the seasons, through the awards, and just recently, on the radio station voted best radio station in Olympia, WA. (nice, cause there are about four or five stations in the town). Its also been a great pleasure to meet so many great Pagan Musicians, New Age Thinkers, and independent artists!

One of those artists I've met is then warm and wonderful Celia; A musician, activist for equality, songwriter, comedienne and (going out on a limb here) earth spiritualist. This very talented musician is coming into the area next weekend to do three concerts (and I believe, a house concert too).

Don't miss her if you can possibly make it to one of these shows:

Benefit Concert for the Bards of Caer Pugetia

Saturday, April 21, 6:30-10pm

Ballard Oddfellows Hall

1706 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107

I belive this event includes a Raffle, Concessions and definitely a performance by

Avery Caldwell, Bard of Caer Pugetia, and an excellent singer and songwriter herself!

Tickets $10.00, available through, or at the door, the night of the event!

Fundraising Concert in Olympia

Sunday April 22 7pm-9pm

Olympia Unitarian Universalist Church

2300 East End St NW 98502

Tickets $10.00 at the door

A benefit for the OUUC Memorial Garden

Celia in Concert

Monday April 23, 2012 7pm-9pm

Crystal Voyage Metaphysical Bookstore

2601 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421

Tickets $10.00 at the door

To find out more about Celia, go to the link on the left, or

Also worthy of mentioning; the KAOS spring membership drive runs from this Monday, April 15 to Sunday April 22. The not-fo-profit public radio station that brings you Wheel of Wonder each week has lost a lot of their funding in the past year or two, so please Pagans, Spiritualists and any independent Musicians that have found their way to Wheel of Wonder, consider seriously starting or renewing your memberships on this fund drive week! Wheel of Wonder, the only Pagan focused Radio Show broadcasting live in the USA is only on the air because KAOS memberships make it happen. To support independent, local radio and shows like KAOS supports please call 360 867 5267 during the drive with your pledge, or if your living in a different part of the world , or a less convenient timezone, start, or renew a membership at

I know this entry sounds a bit commercial. Fear not, I'm as independent as you are individuals. I don't work for corporate America, and Wheel of Wonder has always been intended as a Spiritual, educational Journey! Thanks for listening and following the blog!

-----Radio Ray

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catching up on the Journey: Wheel of Wonder March 4, 2012

"Interconnectedness is not a value limited to Pagans--it's one that is found at the heart of every spiritual tradition I know of. Is there a spiritual teaching or sacred text anywhere that proclaims, "Let the little children starve while the rich amass more wealth, drive the lower middle classes from their homes and reward corruption?" It's the role of religion and spirituality to challenge people to think beyond themselves and their immediate prospects for gain, to remind us that we are all in this together and bear responsibility for one another and for the earth we stand on, and to speak the hard truths that politicians do not tell us."

----Starhawk, from her article in the Washington Post: An Economy of Interconnection (September 17, 2008)

Two weeks back, I spoke on Wheel of Wonder about the current state of the globalized economy, its overreaching power, sustainable alternatives, and how to build a different model for the economy that does not rely on exploit and overusing the people and natural resources of our Planet Earth. One of these is a Generative Economy: "The generative economy is built on a foundation of stakeholder ownership designed to generate and preserve real wealth—resources held and shared by our communities and the ecosystems we live in. These enterprises don’t have absentee ownership shares trading in a casino economy, but ownership held in human hands."

--- Marjorie Kelly, from "Can there be "Good" Corporations?" YES Magazine Issue 61, Spring 2012

Last week, on Wheel of Wonder we spoke of Theosophist ideas, or the principles of Ascension. Ascensionists believe the Human kind, and Mother Gaia (The Planet Earth) are on the verge of a Spiritual Ascension, one that can take us beyond the limitations of "Third Dimensional /Linear Existence" and closer to the source of all creation. This has to do in part with the shifting of vibrational frequencies and the idea that all matter is merely energy vibrating at a certain speed (much like string theory) and that we, as humans have the innate mental and spiritual capacity to shift our own state of energy and by so doing we can help shift the energetic state of not only our spirits, but the entire world. Part of this process is based in viewing the world and all humanity from a perspective of compassion and love. We used source work in part from Christopher Penczak's book Ascension Magick.

This week, in the Spirit of the Journey I'll focus on the idea of The Bardic Journey, or the Journey to enlightenment based in some part on Celtic ideas drawn from Druidry, and perhaps some interesting connections between these ideas and the legends and beliefs of other religious and spiritualist paradigms. Some source work this week will be from the book "Journey of the Bard" by Yvonne Owens (1997, Horned Owl Publishing, Victoria, Canada). As always and as with the last two weeks, we will also be hearing great New Age, Celtic, Indy and Eclectic "music of the spirit" as you have come to expect on Wheel Of Wonder. Check us out at Sunday Morning (PST) and now, Playlists on (click the link to KAOS). Hope you'll join me for the Journey!

The Picture above was found in the Spiritual Awakening section of the website

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Season of Imbolg

Welcome to the Season of Imbolg! Imbolg (variously called Imbolc, Candelmas, Groundhog Day, Saint Brigit's Day) is actually on February 2, most years, but from the perspective of early spring, it seems to me it can run nearly to Spring Equinox (Ostara, Alban Eilir, Gŵyl Ganol y Gwanwyn ). One of the neo-pagan aspects of Imbolc, that I find most interesting, is renewing the vows of what you intend to do within the coming year.

This year, as Wheel of Wonder rolls on, I intend to try to post here more often and expand the repetoir of Interviews, and guests we can bring to you. This year will be a year to include modern Pagan thinkers, Authors, Spiritualists, and Healers. Perhaps you heard the Interview of a couple of weeks ago with Damh the Bard, musician, Druid, and host of Druidcast. This week (February 12, 2012) We'll be Interviewing Heather Dale (Pegasus Award winner 2011), and in the near future Celtic healer Gaishida Kheawok, founder of the British Druid Order Phillip Shallcrass, and hopefully, author Christopher Penczak (he offered to join us last year, perhaps this year we can bring that to fruition, Brigid willing).

So, check back regularly on this Blog, and I will try to do my part to continue to share Insights, ideas, music, and the occasional poem. Perhaps this year some more thought provoking content as well. Thanks and Happy turning of the seasons from Wheel of Wonder!

The Picture above "Moondove" is from Eblanna Raven's website, find out about the wise woman here

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wheel of Wonder January 15, 2012

Once I received a call in the air studio of KAOS while broadcasting a piece about Irish Traditional Witchcraft. Irish Traditional Witchcraft is a spiritual practice passed through certain lineages, those that practice it are known to feel strongly about protecting their family practices. They don't teach them publicly. Some feel there are a lot of good spiritual practices to be gleaned from what these traditionalists make public about their processes.

The question the caller put towards me on that day: " How do you define the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?" There was a bit of a debate going on in town about a public ritual at the time. This week I'm going to try to address this issue on Wheel of Wonder.

Many people these days are trying to find their true spirit paths, an experience of the divine that makes sense to them on a very personal level, some awakening or epiphany that cannot be found within the limitations of the faith or spiritpath they're raised in, or owe lineage to (perhaps people have always been experiencing this). Can a person's individual truth be limited to only what their race, ethnicity or social class have been taught all these years? Or is the world of Spirit much larger than that? Could perhaps, experience of the divine be beyond racial limitations?

With some insights from well written articles in Thorn Magazine ( and music from Pagan artists' expressions of what they feel is divine, we will approach this topic this week on Wheel of Wonder!

The picture "one view" to the right, can be found here