Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wheel of Wonder October 19, 2014

I'd like to see more followers on the Wheel of Wonder blog.  For my part I should start posting more regularly.  Sorry Guys.  Anyone hear the interview with Denean from last year? (meaning this year, actually, Looking ahead already, since the celtic year is nearly over).  You can now hear it on YouTube  Denean is an artist that has dedicated her life to create healing music intended to raise the Consciousness of Humanity.  That's a tall order, but her music is deeply beautiful.  You can hear it yourself by linking to the video above, and her website is in the artist links to the left.

Wheel of Wonder, although it is heard through the medium of a radio show has been a wonderful journey.  Researching different spiritual beliefs, scientific breakthroughs , and consciousness raising philosophies has been really worthwhile, for me, and I hope on some level, also for those who have read this blog or heard the radio show on KAOS Olympia.  It seems our whole lives are a fantastic journey to spiritual awakening and finding our own inner truth.  If I have ever helped anyone in this by bringing them new information or inspired music that helps them on their way I am forever grateful.  For five years the wheel has kept turning, this journey has been continuing, and it will continue still as we approach the new year.  I am so thankful for the experience.  Blessed Be!

In the coming up year we'll hear more interviews, featuring Ockham's Razor, Malachi Wavebreaker, as he finishes his second epic poem, and we'll try once again to reach Greywolf, founder of the British Druid Order.
Above, a picture of Cascade Pass by Ed Farrell.  Wheel of Wonder comes out of Cascadia.