Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Season of Imbolg

Welcome to the Season of Imbolg! Imbolg (variously called Imbolc, Candelmas, Groundhog Day, Saint Brigit's Day) is actually on February 2, most years, but from the perspective of early spring, it seems to me it can run nearly to Spring Equinox (Ostara, Alban Eilir, Gŵyl Ganol y Gwanwyn ). One of the neo-pagan aspects of Imbolc, that I find most interesting, is renewing the vows of what you intend to do within the coming year.

This year, as Wheel of Wonder rolls on, I intend to try to post here more often and expand the repetoir of Interviews, and guests we can bring to you. This year will be a year to include modern Pagan thinkers, Authors, Spiritualists, and Healers. Perhaps you heard the Interview of a couple of weeks ago with Damh the Bard, musician, Druid, and host of Druidcast. This week (February 12, 2012) We'll be Interviewing Heather Dale (Pegasus Award winner 2011), and in the near future Celtic healer Gaishida Kheawok, founder of the British Druid Order Phillip Shallcrass, and hopefully, author Christopher Penczak (he offered to join us last year, perhaps this year we can bring that to fruition, Brigid willing).

So, check back regularly on this Blog, and I will try to do my part to continue to share Insights, ideas, music, and the occasional poem. Perhaps this year some more thought provoking content as well. Thanks and Happy turning of the seasons from Wheel of Wonder!

The Picture above "Moondove" is from Eblanna Raven's website, find out about the wise woman here