Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wheel of Wonder October 15,2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder its the Fall Membership drive for KAOS!
KAOS is the great community radio station that has enabled me to bring you Wheel of Wonder since 2009! If you like what I'm trying to do with this Pagan/New Age/Environmental outreach radio show. Please pledge money to keep the wheels turning.
The whole world is turning, I like to think, into a better more spiritual place. People are waking up and getting fed up with the status quo of Corporate Consumption, Religious Persecution, and Environmental Degradation. Independent voices, songs and stories, like you can find on this community radio station are helping to move this process of global growth along. I hope you'll support these efforts. I also hope all of these wonderful artists whether they be from America, Australia, Canada, northern Europe, or the UK,will help in these efforts to share this good message and give a greater voice to their songs and philosophies with their own donations too!
I was looking over this blog and website again before deciding what to post. Wheel of Wonder has evolved and I have also changed in the past few years. It will soon be time to reflect that in this blog. It will still be about Music, Spirituality, pagan and progressive, and wonderful independent music, but I'm beginning to see there is more poetry and philosophy to share. So it will be changing . This time though, for this membership drive, I'm going to take it back to its roots as expressed in the introduction.
This Sunday I will be sharing stories and songs in musical form throughout the whole episode. Once again you can hear Fiontullach, SJ Tucker, and yes of course Damh too, on this episode of Wheel of Wonder! Please tune in and help keep the discs turning and the message continuing on its journey this membership drive week on Wheel of Wonder!

The fine Celtic Design above and to the right was found on the website: Coolchaser

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wheel of Wonder October 2, 2011

Greetings again! Thanks for your patience in waiting for my posts. At Home PC's are expensive! According to the language of nature in this part of the world, the wheel has turned and we've moved into Autumn again. The time of the Oak king is "Past and Passing" (as the Tarot readers would say). But he'll return. The Holly Lord is preparing to take the crown. Of course I'm speaking of the Dynamic, Active energy of Nature, the "Male" polarity if you will.
I've just recently come across a fine meditative/Cyclical approach to engaging the Green Man from the perspective of the honorable Druid/ Author John Matthews. Its about change and "the song of the Green Man, and how Humans engage this aspect of Nature. We''ll share some of that with you this Week on Wheel of Wonder.
And, in the spirit of change, and the past and passing aspects of this civilization we humans live in, I will also share with you some essays of activists from a book I recently found in my local Peace and Justice Library. What are the next generation of Adults and Young Adults doing to put an end to Tyranny in the 21st Century? Especially, what Non-Violent actions are they taking in the face of violence from "The Old Order?" These are Hopeful essays.
Of Course, we will also be hearing lots of great Folk Rock, Rock,New Age, and Pagan Music just as you would expect from Wheel of Wonder! The Wheel starts a'turning at 7Am PST this Sunday Morning on KAOS Olympia 89.3 fm. Streaming at I hope you'll join me for the Journey.

The Picture of the Autumn Green Man/Druid (see the symbol behind?) was found on this site. Artist unknown to me.