Thursday, September 30, 2010

Experiencing Alban Elfed Gorsedd and Eisteddfod

Last Sunday I attended a Bardic Gorsedd and Eisteddfod. A Gorsedd is a gathering of Bards, and an Eisteddfod is their sharing of poetry, stories, and song. This Eisteddfod celebrated the turning of the Celtic wheel into the time of Autumn (Alban Elfed, as you may remember from last week's show).
It was a fine Autumn day along the shores of Lake Union in Seattle. The sun broke free of the Northwest clouds that sometimes hang like a silver canopy over the length of the region, its golden beams lit up the sacred space, never too hot as the Autumn breeze kept stirring the robes and clothes of all who were present.
I shared a few poems at Eisteddfod, one which I've composed music to, and received the incredible honor of being granted the Rowan Tree Tork for sharing some of the creative expression the season of Mabon inspires in me. I was humbled and amazed as the High Priestess set the Tork about my shoulders. It was wonderful to be recognized by a group of Bards and Druids I esteem so highly!

The picture to the right is the Rowan Tree Tork I hold in my possession. The talented metalsmith that created it can be found in Seattle's Pike Place Market and goes by the name of "Tink."
Autumn blessings to all!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 26, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder We'll explore the Druid's Autumn festival; Alban Elfed. Those on the Druidic Path also celebrate the Equinox, but fewer Druids look at the Autumn Equinox as a Minor Sabbat as is the case with many Wiccan and some Neo-Pagan Traditions. From the Druidic perspective it seems the equinox is about celebrating the balance of dark and light, which I suppose one would expect of a faith path seeming to focus on cycles of the Sun, rather than cycles of the Moon. It has always been interesting to me that the Druidic faith seems to attract men who are focused on the cycles of the Sun, and the Wiccan faith seems to attract women who are focused on the cycles of the Moon. A nice balance. Acknowledging of course their are great variations in the gender and motivations of both these faiths. This week on Wheel of Wonder we will also have the opportunity to interview the organizer of our local Pagan Pride Day Celebration, which is scheduled for later this same Sunday. We'll hear about the Pagan Pride (international) movement and our local celebration from Kate, the organizer. We will also hear new music from Castalia and The Moon and the Night Spirit, while exploring deeper into the Druids Equinox: Alban Elfed. This week on Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right is another great work of art by Willow Arleanea, I call it PanDiana, not so very Autumnal, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 19, 2010

Mother Nature has turned the Star Wheel, Autumn is upon us. Or soon will be, here in the Northern Hemisphere. Mabon has come around again and Wheel of Wonder is still rolling, here to take you on the journey through the coming Darkness. This week of course will be the Mabon Show. Mabon is my favorite season! Its the time to harvest the wisdom of the last year of learning and the fruits (and vegetables?) of our labors. This is the time of the year when we will take brisk walks through the kaleidoscope of colours the trees have painted their leaves, dressing them up for their good byes before letting go of them to fly solo on the wind. Somewhere out there there are even some Human parents saying good bye and well wishing their own children, who as young adults on their own, are off to fly in the winds of their new adult world. You see, just as it is with all endings, it is also a beginning. Wheel of Wonder this week will both celebrate and try to shed some light on the historic myths and meaning of this season Mabon! I'll share some writing with you from various Pagan Authors (while we're at it, check the links in the left Margin of this blog for even more information) and of course the great indy music you expect from Wheel of Wonder! Please tune in.

This week's picture is an untitled work I like to call "Mabon" by Artist Jason Harrison.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 12, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll have another Bardic Byways episode. Our guest Mistress of Minstrilsy will be Wiccan, Neo-pagan Poet: Castalia, from Ontario Canada! We've heard her music many times on Wheel of Wonder, so its especially exciting for me to host a Live Interview with the Woman from north 8am this Sunday. We'll talk about the Celtic Wheel of the year, Traditional and Solitary wiccan paths, modern myths and legends and even spend some time discussing the modern Fables of what "is" we all live with at this time. Join myself and Castalia this week on Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right is from the photobucket album of someone named dstorms. You would have to ask them who the original artist was, I didn't see them credited there. dstorm didn't credit Waterhouse for his pictures on that site either. If you learn who the original artist was please post here and let me know. Otherwise , admire dstorm's taste in art.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 5, 2010

I can't believe its almost another Mabon already! We've now made it through (or almost all the way through) a second summer on Wheel of Wonder, and although the weather is still warm here in the Northwest US, sometimes one can feel that subtle change of energy, slight cold , or see the stray (early) painted leaf riding on the breeze. Harbingers of the change of seasons.
This week on Wheel of Wonder one of KAOS' wise women of world music; Anch (she's actually more mother than crone, but still very wise) has gracefully agreed to pilot you through the journey. I'll be covering the Friday Morning Breakfast Special. Tune in to hear me there, if you like. Its a different format, but still great fun.
The "Autumn - is- coming -Wanderlust" is taking me out of town this weekend, but I'll be back from the road next Sunday for Wheel of Wonder. Enjoy Anch's take on the music and enjoy your weekend!