Monday, June 23, 2014

Wheel of Wonder June 29, 2014

The Wheel turns and we've made are way to Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Happy Litha!  By the time I hit the airwaves again, I expect to have been to the Tacoma Highland Games (They have a Bards Tent this year!) In many traditions the idea behind Summer Solstice is celebrating the fertility of the Earth as the Goddess' energy moves from the energy of the Maiden of Spring, to the energy of the Mother, it is also for celebrating the Male principle, which like the Sun up in the sky, is at its peak of strength and power, before weakening with the onset of winter.  This is often represented by the battle between The Oak king (God quality of Summer) and the Holly King (God quality of Winter), with the Oak king fighting on until he sacrifices his life at Lughnasadh to assure good crops for the next year and also to be reborn as the young Sun God at the Winter Sostice, beginning his growth into power for the next year, until he is sacrificed again.
For a man and his spiritual nature a simile could be made as to how well we do at our jobs, or in our relationships, covens, gorsedeau, or whatnot, in the area of learning, growing, and changing. As these experiences allow us  to grow, mature, they also offer new opportunities for learning and success. The end of one way of being and the beginning of another are like little deaths and rebirths as we learn from life, or advance in knowledge and spirit in the course of our existence, until the end of our last day of being in this incarnation.  Not being a Farmer, that's how I relate to these changes, relationship cycles, and even the seasons of the year.  In Autumn we harvest our knowledge, in Winter we reflect on what we've learned and how it can make us better at the dawning of a new year,  a new spring.  This also allows Summer to be a time for celebration!  I think that's why I enjoying taking a vacation from work and pursuing new experiences during July and August.  New experiences can make me a new man, sacrificing my last year with the coming of Mabon.

For now the Sacred Flame of knowledge still burns in my chest, and I hope to bring new guests and new music To Wheel of Wonder after attending the Tacoma Highland games and experiencing all my travels this summer.  On Wheel of Wonder we are in the middle of taking a metaphorical journey of music and ideas, based on a divining exercise with the Druid's Ogham.  I hope you'll tune in to hear what the Ogham has been revealing to us this week on Wheel of Wonder.  Also, thank you so much to the people who supported KAOS and Wheel of Wonder in our Spring pledge drive, it allows me and this great little independent radio station to keep sharing unique music and incredible ideas with all of you!   Summer Blessings!

 Sacred Fire and Golden Pentacle great art by great artists!  I couldn't find the name of the Artist of Sacred Fire, let me know if you do please.