Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wheel of Wonder March 24 2013

Happy Ostara, hope you had an amazing Alban Eiler (as the Druids would call it), or that you are just enjoying the coming of Spring  in the Northern Hemisphere, or the Harvest of Mabon if you live on the southern part of the globe!  I spoke a bit about the Spring Equinox last week on Wheel of Wonder, and shared some of the legends of St. Patrick as the broadcast was on St Patrick's Day.
One of the major foci of every Spring Equinox gathering I had the honor to get to, was the idea of achieving balance, just as the day and night (both equal on this day) stood witness to on that day, and the celebrants I met sought to achieve, through ritual, for the spiritual and mundane aspects of their lives.
This Ostara, also reaffirmed for me what I had learned back in 2007, while sitting in our local Interfaith Works community round table discussions; all spiritual groups, and many of the secular people, not bogged down in dogma or politics, are truly all seeking the same thing: To bring forward positive, healthy, life-affirming communities where it is safe to grow, live, learn, and express the truth of who we all are truly meant to be individually, and as a collective of Humanity.
Alban Eiler or "Light of the Earth" has seemed to be the perfect name for the experiences of this season.  If every person on this Earth is free to shine the light of their personalities, their personal "spirits" (not just the ones they call on for help, and for guidance, the ones they ARE) the entire Human race could see each other clearly, walk in each others beauty, and begin to understand that together we are AMAZING, right here, right now, on this world.
Wheel of Wonder goes back to the two hour format this week to make room for "Sunday Sun-up" from 6am-8am (PST). This week we'll be taking a journey through the elemants of earth and fire, and into some of the beliefs systems concerning the fay. Check out the new links, and hopefully you'll get a chance to write (, call in, or just listen this week to all the great info and independent music on Wheel of Wonder! (If outside the local area: check out

The picture of the Earth at equinox above and to the right is from NASA GOES Satellite, and was available through Flickr public photo site, and is attributed to NOAA.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wheel of Wonder March 10, 2013

Hello again, patient people!  Although last week I explored indigenous cultures of the Arctic Circle and their music, as well as the changes they face in their culture with the melting of the Arctic Ice.  I didn't get to post on that.  This week I found myself on a journey through the world of the Four basic elements of Neo-pagan Cosmology (Air, Earth, Fire, Water; you know them.  I also like to include Spirit). The Playlist was posted at I only managed to cover songs that made me think of Air, Water, and some Fire, I'll have to cover the rest on a different show!

PS:  All the rest of my recent Wheel of Wonder Broadcast playlists are at as well! (sidebar KAOS, then search by date.)