Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wheel of Wonder January 15, 2012

Once I received a call in the air studio of KAOS while broadcasting a piece about Irish Traditional Witchcraft. Irish Traditional Witchcraft is a spiritual practice passed through certain lineages, those that practice it are known to feel strongly about protecting their family practices. They don't teach them publicly. Some feel there are a lot of good spiritual practices to be gleaned from what these traditionalists make public about their processes.

The question the caller put towards me on that day: " How do you define the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?" There was a bit of a debate going on in town about a public ritual at the time. This week I'm going to try to address this issue on Wheel of Wonder.

Many people these days are trying to find their true spirit paths, an experience of the divine that makes sense to them on a very personal level, some awakening or epiphany that cannot be found within the limitations of the faith or spiritpath they're raised in, or owe lineage to (perhaps people have always been experiencing this). Can a person's individual truth be limited to only what their race, ethnicity or social class have been taught all these years? Or is the world of Spirit much larger than that? Could perhaps, experience of the divine be beyond racial limitations?

With some insights from well written articles in Thorn Magazine ( and music from Pagan artists' expressions of what they feel is divine, we will approach this topic this week on Wheel of Wonder!

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