Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wheel of Wonder April 6, 2014

The wheel turns and we've left the darkness for Spring's new light.  In the public rituals of this part of the world we'd be in the time of the east, sunrise, and new beginnings.  Many of us have recovered from the cold a dark time of the year and feel life surging through the ground, the leaflord smiling in the trees, trees that seemed bare only three or four weeks ago.  The joy of birdsong, and the cleaning out of old things, old baggage, and the creation of our own garden of Gwynedd, or our sanctuary in this world.
Many find the spring to be a time of inspiration, undertaking new work that serves our true purpose of cooperation and collaboration, a natural state that comes with being an authentic Human.  The wheels of Wheel of Wonder have been turning for five full cycles now and it has brought me into a greater level of connection virtually and experientially with so many people, whether they be artists, academics, musicians, priests, ministers, progressive thinkers, or no particular theology spiritualists.
Again, in this part of the world . when the corners are called in public ritual, east is the direction that corresponds to the Element of Air.  Air corresponding to song, oratory, and voices carried across the wind.  Even the throat chakra if you like to see things that way. The throat chakra for finding your voice.
One of the great things that have come out of being able to broadcast Wheel of Wonder across the radio waves at KAOS 89.3 FM in America, or on line, all over the world, is it has offered up a medium to break down misunderstandings of what non Judeo Christian Spirituality is, it has also given me a forum to share the occasional great news happening in the world about Environmental Sustainability, and the many different spiritual paths people take to achieve their highest purpose.  On occasion, I've even been able to share new findings in modern Science, that once again change, or challenge our concepts of a static, well known, concept of reality.  Reality is just as dynamic and mutable as the people living in it.  This is all because the broadcast medium I use for Wheel of Wonder is at its heart, a Community-owned, yes that's public, non-commercial, radio station, which is only surviving because of people starting or renewing memberships.  To start or renew a membership does include a donation of money, there are many levels at which to do that (go to for details).  The public still owns this radio station it can bring you independent media information, hundreds of different types of music(80% independent, small label artists only 20% big commercial labels; required policy)as well as the shows New Dimensions, Time of Useful Consciousness, Philosophy Talk, Democracy Now, and of course, Wheel of Wonder.  Next week (April 7 -13) is KAOS' membership drive, please help keep this gem of independent thinking going with a donation and membership, there are very few sanctuaries of free thinking like this left in this world. It is , in a way, its own unique garden of Gwynedd.

------(Radio) Ray
the graphic above, as you may recall is called " Aquarian Awakening" there is an idea, among ascensionists, that, in the course of Human life in the Universe, we are leaving our age of Pisces, and finally approaching the Age of Aquarius (a time of transformation and oneness, yet where our independent, personal identities of  mind,body, spirit can continue to exist as well).