Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wheel of Wonder October 20, 2013

Esbat!  We're just finishing up with our window of the energy as some would say surrounding the Full Moon of October 2013 (was actually the 18th).  According to a Druid Tree Calendar I've seen this Moon was known as "The Ivy Moon" according to a Farmer's Almanac article I read this would be the Hunter Moon.  Its also called the Aries Moon.  For those who see the Moon as not only a satellite, but also an energy source, this is an opportunity for Invocation of its energy, unique among all the thirteen moons of the Celtic Year.  This week we'll be speaking about Esbats and Full moon Dances and celebrations.  According to many viewpoints, every full moon of the year has a unique name and energy, and within three days before, or three days after, is a great time for craftwork with that energy.  We'll speak a bit about that this week on Wheel of Wonder.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wheel of Wonder October 13, 2013

As we know, Humans come in gender forms of Male and Female, so do the other mammals, most animals , and some plants have been attributed with these genders as well (i.e Apple trees are considered to be sexual reproducers, that's why there has to be more than one alone, another needs to be nearby).  For many modern spiritualists there are male energies and female energies, or polarities, some will say.  Among modern Neo-Pagans, there are paths that focus wholly on one of these energies, and some which make a point of training priests and priestesses to work with both.  In the Anderson Feri Tradition, as I understand they see genders and gendered energy as mutable.  This is the thing though, we as Humans live in relationship to others, we're a cooperative species.  Many spiritualists and animists find it easier to relate to one energy or another, but as they learn  and grow on their spiritual paths they find balance between these two polarities, allowing them to feel whole and complete.  I have to say the most worthy Druids and Priestesses I have met have achieved that, yet this male /female dichotomy does still exist.
Having travelled the Wheel of the Year last week through the images of the Green Man (male embodiment of nature), this week we'll explore the triple Goddess as the female embodiment of Nature, in order to keep a sense of balance in our explorations.  I'll share information drawn from Wicca, and some from the cauldron of Cerridwynn, and I hope you will join me this week on Wheel of Wonder (  The Picture below is by Constanza Ehrenhaus and found on Elfwood Art