Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wheel of Wonder November 6, 2016

Everyone has a place they call home, and even as they travel many can feel it calling them back again.  Some will change their place of living, or seek out their ancestral lands, move there.  Most will still feel the call of the place where they defined themselves as people, its part of their identity.  I think all places have a unique energy , a unique sort of song, that I think, is the voice of the Spirit of place.  Perhaps that is what, in part inspires poetry and song.  Yet there is still another level to the experience when we feel connected to that special place, because it is beautiful, because it is part of our life, it occurs when we step into stewardship, the honoring of that special place.  Then we are required to be brave and all of our actions should be considered in terms of the impact we have on that place, and how other people feel about that place, how they are inspired to protect it.  I think this is another step towards the deep Magick of being in relationship with spirits of place.  That loving, yet incessant calling that brings us back home into a good relationship with nature, and through that compassion, helps our spirits to evolve and grow.  Conscious evolution is one of the greatest benefits of living on this earth.  Enjoy the forests, rivers, trees, sunrises and sunsets of the place you call home.  Walk in beauty, live in joy, listen for the song of the spirits.

 Earth my Body
Water my Blood
Air my Breath and
Fire my Spirit

I am born of the Elements