Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wheel of Wonder February 24, 2013

Wheel of Wonder will be heading back to the three hour format again for a time, sometimes, if I'm very inspired I might even extend it to four!  I will always be done broadcasting by 10am PST though, to make room for Cottleston Pie, the Sunday morning children's show (Learn more about Cottleston Pie at  Imbolc has passed here in the Northern Hemisphere of our Mother Earth and the trees are beginning to bud and blossom, waking from their winter sleep. I've been invited to many healing ceremonies for the people and the Earth.  There is even a "Red Cedar Circle" in the area: an open drumming circle founded on the principles of local native, spirit medicine I have had occasion to join.
This in part is what's inspired me this week for Wheel of Wonder.  I'll speak of the Four Fold Way (check out the new link in the sidebar), with help from the writings of Dr. Angeles Arrien and other ideas of healing song, and envisioning a healthier, more sustainable earth centered economy.  I believe this is indeed the work of the twenty-first century:  to return as a people to a life consecrating, sustainable way of living on this planet, our mother, Earth.  Many people are beginning to realize this, its at the heart of the Neo-Pagan movement, the returning to the old religions movement, developing a new respect for the knowledge of the native peoples,  and even supported as a necessary change according to credible scientific inquiry.  It is part of the honor I have in sharing these ideas with you on Wheel of Wonder.  Thank you to everyone who has listened in, followed the blog, and shared your feedback with me.  Its a privilege for all of us to be in this together!
I found the picture above on the website Nature's Blessings, original artist at present, unknown. Nature's Blessings is not a bad site for info either.