Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wheel of Wonder March 2, 2014

It has been an interesting observation for me to see how people following a "Witch's path" in their spiritual lives are very attached to the phases of the moon along the wheel of the year, and people following a "Druid's path" focus on stages of the sun.  Sometimes these are the same people; I've met Wiccan Druids, and Druidic Wiccans, one does not necessarily exclude the other.  Some people are just witches (not following the Wiccan disciplines) and some people are just Shamans (Celtic, yes, but not following Druidic stages of learning).  Its not my intention to simplify either the Druid path or the path of Wicca, nor that of Shamans, Witches, Magicians, or any other, even within these broad headings their are many differences in practice, some believe in soul ascension, some have different focuses within them.

 I've met people on moon based paths calling the Spring equinox Ostara (after a germanic Goddess), and people on sun based paths calling it Alban Eiler (welsh for light of the earth).  I've been to Sun ceremonies (eight stages of the sun) and moon ceremonies (13 stages of the moon). There are many rituals reflecting  Earth's relationship to celestial bodies.  Alban Eiler and his Sister Ostara, as one would expect from the Spring Equinox ("equinox" meaning "equal parts") is also about balance, balance between the darker side of our nature, death before rebirth when we need to get moving on, and the lighter side of our nature, when perhaps we need allies for new projects.  So I have been thinking about balancing Sun energy and Moon energy along this quest for knowledge.  I found a bit of prose "A letter to a Witch from a Druid" and that has helped me work through this idea, here's part of it:

Though I see you before me as a reflection in a mirror
You who follow the Moon, as I continue along my path of the Sun
We are a shared existence

As my spirit flies on the wings of the white raven
May I meet you on the snow white wings of the owl
In that place between the day and the dark
and in sharing that sacred space within the spirit realm
Let us now bring the sun and the moon back into balance
seeing that one reflects the other and the other reflects the one
let us awaken our sleeping souls to their spiritual birth right
bringing blessings of peace to the earth and all life.

This week I'll be reflecting on these words, punctuated by all the great independent music you expect from Wheel of Wonder.  It is good to have something to think about.

As I'm sure you've noticed the art above was created by artist and writer Selina Fenech.  Visit her site here.