Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wheel of Wonder July 22, 2012

The wheels turn and its time for me to take to the road and the research again, just like a veritable Bard.  I won't be hosting Wheel of Wonder for a couple of  weeks, as I sally forth (energetically, but non-violently) to secure new Music, New Interviews and New Information to bring to Wheel of Wonder!  This week, July 22 Sy, from the Junglee hour will be hosting the show and next week, on July 29, it will be brought to you by Lois, from Morning Star Cafe.  Will I be back shortly after Lammas? I will try.  This weekend a great event is occuring down along the Columbia:  Summerstar spiritual retreat (and first ever real life quidditch!) followed next weekend by Faerieworlds in Eugene, OR.  I intend to get my shoes dusty!  Last week we spoke of New Age/Neo Pagan Relationships to spirits and Nature and a bit about public ritual.  The message from that show I share again:  May you all have good relations, with the world and those you meet in it.  Blessings!  Thanks for continuing to listen to Wheel of Wonder!
---Radio Ray  (The picture above is from one of my walks in the woods, near Deception Pass)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wheel of Wonder July 8, 2012

Shamanism, also the art of prophecy, is a practice that has existed in nearly every culture all around the world, throughout time.  These days it is usually associated with Native American spirituality, but many non natives and new age spiritualists have found these practises along their spirit paths as well.  This week we'll focus on specifically Celtic Shamanism.
  Yes indeed, Celtic.   Ireland, Scotland, and Britain have a rich history of Poet Shamans and prophetic visionaries in their past too.  Some of the most famous of these were Finn MacCoumail, his son, the poet Ossien, Amerigan the Druid, Merlin, and most especially the Welsh Bard of Bards Taliesin (believed from research and archaeological evidence to have been active, or at least consciously reincarnated, around the 5th century AD).  There are many Traditions in Celtic Shamanism and the practice is often attributed to Bards, Vates and Druids.  Though there is evidence that some Shamans were only Shamans too.  Citing some references from John Matthews book "Taliesin:  The Last Celtic Shaman" (1991 Aquarian Press), we'll explore the ideas and evidence found and shared about the Celtic Shamans.  Punctuated by great music, and good information, this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The picture above can be found on the Celtic Shamanism Site of Paul H. Richard.

Wheel of Wonder July 1 2012

Half way through 2012 Western Washington is still here.  I've encountered more spiritual people though.  Could that be the change of things 2012 is going to bring us?  Some believe it's the  Medicine Wheel Rituals so often performed these days that are helping us through this time.  Last week I had the occasion to experience such a ceremony on Midsummer's Eve, a holiday the Neo-Pagans call Litha.  The energy was strong and the healing and connecting quite present.  It was fortuitous for me as well.  I've just recently been reading the book "Walking on the Wind:  Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance" by Michael Garret (1998 Bear and Company Publishing, Santa Fe, NM)  I was most interested in "The Rule of Opposites" it states among other things that both opposites are real and both are right, its just the same idea seen from a different perspective.  Much like the Native American Elder at The Medicine Wheel ceremony described the more "European" (I say Neo-Pagan) ceremonies people are doing.  They are all trying to achieve the same thing: Living harmoniously together, and healing the Earth.  It turns out that the Elder in question was part Cherokee too!  After I told her about Wheel of Wonder she asked if I would share some of the words from "Walking on the Wind"  with the people listening, as long as I gave credit to the Native American Man who wrote the book.  I did, and I focussed on the "Rule of Opposites" the Author shared seven main lessons from it, and I made it through most of them.  This week I will share the last two. "Understanding underlying truths eliminates any need for discord in our lives."  and  "Through Choice of perspective and appropriate action, we are free to balance ourselves as we see fit." (pp. 99-101 Garret) and perhaps a bit more of his work and some of the work of Christopher Penczak as well.  Of course the same musical ambience and independent voices you have come to expect if you listen to Wheel of Wonder will be present too!
PS:  Check out the new links!  The Medicine Wheel picture above was created by a Cree artist named Gordon Perreault.  Check out more of his work here. Those who do not want to follow this link check google, one of the strings to his work may have malware. (I don't think its this one)