Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wheel of Wonder February 16, 2014

Today wheel of Wonder is being hosted by the KAOS world music director David.  I'm off on the road again, I hope to be bringing you updated information about the Finnish neo-pagan movement and how it resurfaces in Finland, Kirilia (Land of the Kalevala)and even Moldavia.
As most people realize nearly every Christian holiday can trace its roots back to a fine pagan festival.  For Valentine's Day, we can trace the festivities to the Roman Lupercalia.  Happening during "The Wolf Month" as we spoke of February being last week (Luper from the word Loup, or wolf).  Lupercalia is a fertility festival (not the same as the chocolate-sweet, romantic festival Valentine's has become.) Which included a playful scourging of the local women on the course of a procession by men in loincloths.   Sounds pretty festive wot? All of it was done in fun and to assure the fertility of the next years crops.  Neo-pagans these days are not likely to do a lot of scourging, but Lupercalia festivals still exist in modern forms.
On the lines of fun and fertility (in this case, of nature), David agreed to cover god news around environmental justice issues, along with all our usual, great music. Please post comments about his show, thanks for checking out Wheel of Wonder!

The picture above represent romulus and remus and their mother, the she-wolf.  Romulus and Remus were of course, the twins who founded Rome.  Lupercalia is intended to celebrate them and their Mother as well.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wheel of Wonder February 9, 2014

Having made it through the dark time of the year and come out the other side of Imbolc, we look forward to the turning of the wheel into longer days, and in the Northwest of North America, still very cold nights.  Today as I write , I look out the window at a quiet world, beneath a blanket of new white snow.  February is sometimes called the Wolf month, or the dead month, and this year it has lived up to its name, the wind bites, and a deathly cold creeps through the land.  On those sunny days though, I enjoy the blooming of the heather, and the alder trees sharing the first hint of buds.  The Cailleach of the snows stubbornly holds on to the land , but the breath of Bridgit (Lady of Imbolc) still breathes the sweet scent of the coming spring through the trees and the gardens.
 "Imbolc" by Hamish Burgess: from the blog

 I've been to many public rituals at the turning of the seasons;  Wiccan, Druidic, Medicine Wheel, just to name a few.  One thing I've noticed, especially about the Celtic based ones, many officiates will try to include the participants in "calling the Quarters"  or asking who would like to evoke the spirits of the four directions to create the sacred space, or complete the spirit circle for the ritual.  Many times the participants get nervous and can't think of what to say, or what element is attributed to each direction.  In the northern hemisphere most groups agree its East: Air, South: Fire, West:  Water, and North: Earth, and most groups will also call the Center:  Place of God and Goddess, or Place of Spirit.  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the meanings, permutations, and symbolism of these Elements and Directions, so if one should ever like to join a public ritual, create their own sacred circle (sacred hoop), observe a change of the seasons, its change of energy, or any other special observance it will be more clear what calling the quarters is all about.  This week on Wheel of Wonder.