Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wheel of Wonder August - September 4, 2011

Has it really been a month since I posted on Wheel of Wonder? August has come and gone, in the Northwest it was finally the month of Summer. As we're going through the clear 8o degree Farenhiet days here, the evenings are beginning to be coller and some few leaves are becoming blushed with the tinge of Autumn. But the Cedar still stands, grand in her stillness and the creak still runs, laughing across the river rocks.
The people involved in the Community Supported Agriculture movement are finally sharing their produce, bountiful enough in my opinion, to show a slow recovery from two rough summers for farmers. Many more farm stands are appearing now as people look toward their local farmers for food, a pleasent cultural movement, better for the environment.

The Earth seems out of balance sometimes. Climates changing, glaciers melting, Natural Disasters occuring, Its the 21st Century. The world's not the same as it once was. Many Lightworkers and like minded people will tell you these changes, especially the ones called Natural Disasters, are a matter of the Earth getting herself back in balance, as Gaia moves into a different physical relationship with the flow of energy in the Universe.

There is also a belief that we as Humans have the ability to relieve Gaia of some of this stress, and excess energy of the changing electromagnetic field , and the stronger shift of the continental plates, that some relate to the over mining/extraction of oil. As sure as Humans can feel the pull of the Spirit on their concepts of existence, Humans can also channel these energetic changes through their bodies, when they work in cooperation with others, in rituals often referred to as Magic, provided they then complete their ritual through creating healing energy for the Earth Mother in return.

At the same time the Human power of the intellect can adapt and create new techniques and technologies for seeing all our basic needs met, and new ways to teach ourselves, through cooperation with others to become resilient to the damage of these natural disasters. This is a balance of Science and Magic. Perhaps exactly what we need to learn in this; the 21st century.

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll be talking about balance and adaptation, punctuated as best I am able, by the fine Earth Spiritualist and Expansive thinking styles of music you've come to expect from Wheel of Wonder!

The Picture above is called "Presence of Gaia" and is by Josephine Wall

(Promise I really will try not to ever let so much time pass again between postings!)