Sunday, February 4, 2018

Wheel of Wonder Imbolc 2018

Our ninth cycle around the Wheel of the Year!  I like Imbolc as a time of new beginnings and a time of confirming one's intentions. Every ending is a beginning though when turn with the cycles of the year. This year I intend to continue Wheel of Wonder. Since the inception of this show we've passed the great shift of 2012 (some say this brings us closer to the age of Aquarius) some say this is the time when we move closer to the Christ Consciousness (Consciousness of Compassion) because we Humans are evolving as a species. I think the work of the 21st Century is to learn how to survive and thrive cooperatively. We have reached astounding levels of technological and industrial mastery, that may have been the work of the 20th century, unfotunately it may have also ushered in the Anthropocene era, where we as Humans have more impact on the natural world than she can recover from through her normal cycle of death rebirth growth in nature.  Universal truth though: Climate change doesn't care about us, it is a result of our hubris.  Perhaps the great Mother does not need Human Beings, over millions of years she's had many children, we are just the latest generation. We need the great Mother and from a pedestrian, non-spiritual perspective, we need to learn how to live in tune with nature, even in an Anthropocene era. It is what keeps us alive. Money seems to be a tool for things, but if there is no food left to eat, or clean air and water left to drink and breathe? We cannot buy what doesn't exist! May our Inspired, Informed, Awareness bring us into a world of peace and health beginning this year. The great work of the 21st Century has begun!
Above are Imbolc inspired pictures: "Aquarian Awakening: The Perfection" and 'Santa Lucia'
re postings of pictures we've used before in this blog happy Candelmass!

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