Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The experience of doing the Radio Show.

I've done nine Wheel of Wonder shows now, including the three one-hour Rookie Radio slots on KAOS 89.3 FM Olympia Community Radio. Each show is its own microcosm of musical outreach and education. It's high time to be able to clarify the real perspective of the witch, druid, bard, shaman or sustainable community builder. I've had the opportunity to speak of the Celtic year, the symbolism and meaning of the cauldron, the crone, the pentagram, some of the New Age Movement, and the importance of the sacred, historic and mythic stories and how they incarnate in our real lives. I have even been able to share works of journalism focused on modern witch hunts. (Yes, they do still happen.)

I am so thankful that KAOS is around; everyone here is part of a very supportive community. KAOS's mission is to make available a medium of expression for marginalized and minority voices (like Pagans and other earth spiritualists), issues of social justice, and promoting the work of independent artists. I occasionally regret that the show is on at such late an hour (1-3pm Pacific Standard Time, although you can stream it on the Web. It is worth listening to if you're one of those late night people, or you work a graveyard shift and have access to a radio. But, overall I'm thankful to both the human and the divine for having this opportunity.

As I learn more about blogging, I look forward to posting to the site more links to blogs of note, artists, writers, and activists. I look forward to posting pictures, playlists, and of course past scripts from Wheel of Wonder. Follow the journey. You'll find it worthwhile.

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