Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wheel of Wonder July 5th 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we will walk the mythic threads that tie all human cultures together. We'll flow like rivers to the sea from Native American Myth and Legend to Celtic, Yoruban and Hindi Mythology, are we all one people with one common vision? Diversity exists, but Mythic Similarity does too. Hear the mythic stories, with passages from Gaia Eros by Jesse Wolf Harding, new music from Gaia tribe and some great references from the book Wisdom of the Mythtellers by Sean Kane. We also will touch on the Mayan Prophecy and what it may mean to our changing world. Join me on the journey through the legends that shape so many cultural views on Wheel of Wonder!
PS: I have no Idea what that little guy's head is doing down in the bottom of the picture. Perhaps he too, is very interested in Sacred Geometry.

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