Friday, December 4, 2009

Wheel of Wonder December 6, 2009

December is Bardic Byways Month on Wheel of Wonder! This week we'll run my Interview with Sharon Knight, San Francisco Bard of the Feri Order, as she has described herself. T. Thorne Coyle author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and occasional collaborator with Ms. Knight appears to be one of the scholars of this craft path as well. Take a second to look at the new Links I've posted on this site. Modern Bards help to carry the Spirit of the legendary and the Awen of Inspiration into the twenty-first Century travelling by many roads to the pathway of music they follow through the Universe (as I once wrote in a Poem). This week I'll attempt to share some new insights about the Bards, and speak about what is publicly known about the philosophies of the Feri Tradition. I hope you'll join me on the journey.

The picture to the right is an example of the wonderful Illustrative work of Emma Alvarez. Sort of the dark reflection of the work by Priscilla Hernandez I've posted here before (see August 4, 2009). Both fine female artists from Spain. Check out their links to learn more.


  1. Nice blog, I didn't know anything about your radio, it seems interesting. I'll stay tuned.

    Cheers from Italy.

  2. Thanks Zosimos, I hope you can catch it streaming at . You'll have to check your world time zone clock (I've found some good ones on line) To translate American Pacific Standard Time to your time zone to hear me.
    Thanks for Commenting marlinmziegler,although I can't translate your characters.

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  4. marlinmziegler:

    I did translate some of your characters. This is not that kind of blog, please post elsewhere.