Friday, April 2, 2010

"Rock on Water!" Benefit Concert Success!

Although it has been a time since Tricky Pixie performed in town, I feel I owe it to them and others who may read this blog to say something about "Rock on Water!" The Artesian Well Benefit Concert recently performed in Olympia. The performance venue was great (if a bit cold) with fine acoustics and a good sound system, the staff at The Loft where great, and very gracious in helping the event go smoothly. Not only did Danny Kelly perform for the benefit, but he brought with him local musicians from Olympia bands High Ceiling and Knot Pine Box, and I believe, another of his past collaborators from Helliotroupe. Even KAOS DJ (and occasional Wheel of Wonder sub) Aba was there, ready to play guitar! With more forewarning, as MC, I would have given her appropriate stage time. Check her out in Olympia when you can!
Tricky Pixie was of course, great too, and kept the place hopping until 10:30 pm. Together we raised over $300 USD to protect Olympia's beloved Artesian Well! Over all, it was a great community event, like only Olympia, Washington can do!

Coffee was donated by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, Cookies were donated by Blue Heron Bakery, and More home made cookies donated by folks who came to see the show! Additionally, good healthy and organic fruits and vegetables were donated by the Olympia food co-op, and incredibly beautiful, backlit Batiks and water-esque banners from the Procession of the Species! Even Professor Diamant, from The Evergreen State College was there, sharing a set of beautiful slides from the Water Crystal pictures of Dr. Emoto (water crystal pictures of "what the bleep do we know?" fame) they looped beautifully through the projector for the whole length of the concert. Dr. Emoto will actually be in Olympia doing a blessing for the Olympia Artesian Well and the Puget sound, on request of the Native people's elders this month. He will also be doing a talk about the innate intelligence of water, as partially shown through water crystal photography, at The Evergreen State College on April 21.

I'm also very grateful to the folks at SidheHaven for creating the event posters and to the Evergreen Americorps people for printing out the tickets And of course every single one of you who spent the money or donated some funds to make this Benefit Concert a success!


The picture above and to the right is a photographic still from the New York Performance "Fuerzabruta" created and directed by Diqui James. The waterdancers in this show perform their choreography within a huge, clear, water tank suspended just inches over the audience's heads!

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