Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wheel of Wonder May 16, 2010

Taivaannaula! This unique word is Finnish for Finnish paganism, which is what this episode of Wheel of Wonder will be about. Although, by request we may re-visit some of the Icelandic eddas too! Finland is officially a Lutheran country, but has been recently seeing a resurgence of Finnish pagans. Perhaps do to a book called "Finnish Magic: A nation of Wizards, a World of Spirits." By Robert Nelson? No, not so much. The research put into this book is not considered A-list Quality by most Taivaannaula. In the Finnish Pagan world view you of course have the Animism one would expect, but The Finns believe each person has several souls, or soul selves. These break down into the life force, the "ego" or concept of self, and the persons guardian spirit, which was also attached to the person and their soulselves, sometimes it was even ancestor. The Finnish Pagan family unit seems to include the spirits of the ancestors as well as the people living. There are a few key gods who also occur as characters in the Finnish National Epic The Kalevala. Although unlike The Icelandic Eddas are to the Asatru, the Kalevala is not considered the source for the taivaaanaula. Nonetheless, the cultural impact of the Kalevala has existed through all time that has passed.

We will also hear new mythic music on Wheel of Wonder this week from Värttinä, and Suden Aika (time of the wolves) skilled rune singers. We will also see what we can do about introducing some new tracks by Gjallarhorn. A trip to the bright North, this Sunday on Wheel of Wonder!
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