Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wheel of Wonder October 10, 2010

Wheel of Wonder 10-10-10! This week on Wheel of Wonder I'm bringing you new music, well maybe with a few familiar favorites, but mostly all new. Also this week, in recognition of the autumn of the year, we will include brief memorandums for major twentieth century intellectuals of the Pagan Movement who have passed on, but had great impact on the Pagan Movement while living: Issac Bonewits and Gerald Gardner. Issac Bonewits just died this year,and was an author and Archdruid worthy of note, and of course Gerald Gardener had a huge impact on the rebirth of Paganism during his most active years of 1948-1958. We will also try to cover some of the information that is available on living Pagan Philosopher and Writer Raymond Buckland and his well known Pagan viewpoints. As of the time of this writing Mr. Buckland was not available for comment but I will share what can be found about his philosophies with you. On another episode I intend to share my findings and observations on the viewpoints of the leading women Intellectuals of the Pagan movement. New music and interesting viewpoints on Paganism, this week on Wheel of Wonder!
Picture to the right is "Celtic Deer Shaman" by Susan Seddon Boulet. Find more of her art here.

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