Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wheel of Wonder November 21, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll be talking about Urban Paganism. Often on Wheel of Wonder we speak about belief systems and philosophies that are believed to get one more in touch with nature and the natural cycles of the world, as well as advancing the spirit. Often I've spoken of Sacred Groves, Harvests and the rural living of the ancients. Truth is 40% or more of the Earth's population lives in cities and if current trends continue, that number is likely to increase. Honestly, most neo-pagans live in the urban environment as well. So how do the modern Pagans cope with living so close to the rest of Humanity, in an artificial environment separated from Nature by steel and concrete? Perhaps there's a different way of looking at the City in a spiritual fashion? I'll share writings from Neo-pagan and modern Druid sources this week that address just that. Also this week, we'll be having an Interview with musical, storytelling guest Celia Farran, a woman who herself has gone from Country Living to City Living and kept her spirituality intact. I will also try to fit in some information about the increase of green spaces we are seeing in American Cities these days and its effects on personal spirituality. This week on Wheel of Wonder!

The picture to the right is of a rooftop garden in present day Chicago, there is an Evergreen Alumni who has been working on rooftop garden projects in Chicago and elsewhere since graduating from TESC!


  1. Hi Ray, I've greatly enjoyed scrolling through your inspiring blog passages, from woodlandish spirits to urban paganism. Thanks for your dedication to this realm of ideas, music, visual art, poetry and shamanic dreaming. Fey greetings from Australia, Louisa.

  2. Thanks Louisa. I'm enjoying your Music. I hope you're having a wonderful Summer. Have you been staying up late enough to hear the show in Melbourne (1am monday mornings)? Maybe on the warm Nights?