Friday, May 27, 2011

"Award winning" Wheel of Wonder is moving

Hello again everyone. Time for some more posting what? First I'd like to take a minute to thank KAOS Olympia Community Radio for putting together another volunteer appreciation potluck. I have to tell you, with around 100 volunteer producers at this community radio station, it is really great to have the opportunity to "find the faces that match the voice" for all the great diverse programming this little FM station in Northwest North America pumps out along the airwaves and through the computer stream! (check it out yourself at I am also thankful to my fellow Producers and the Staff at the station for voting Wheel of Wonder "Best Show in a tough time slot."(tied with the Punk Show "Campfire Island", which most Saturday nights actually, shuts down the station a few hours before I fire it up again on Sunday morning) I have a nicely framed certificate now to put on my wall, and even more good feeling for the time and energy that goes into this radio program. Hazzah!
I am thankful for the opportunity.
This Sunday; May 29, 2011 is the last time, for a while, that Wheel of Wonder will be starting at 6 am PST on Sunday mornings. The station Schedule is being modified and Wheel of Wonder will be moving to the new timeslot of 8am-10am Sunday Mornings, PST instead, beginning June 5th, 2011. That's two hours later than the current start time, but I'll still be there, perhaps with more listeners? Time will tell.
Sadly, this also means that New Dimensions, the show that follows mine will no longer be on Sunday Mornings from 9am-10am. If you regularly listen to Michael and Justine Thoms after Wheel of Wonder, and would like to hear it on at another day and time (this is a Station Management decision, not mine) please do contact KAOS General Manager Jerry Drummond at 360-867-6895 during regular business hours or Email
I am very glad to be able to keep bringing you Wheel of Wonder, even at two hours instead of three (unless I sneak in early at 7am until the 6-8am slot is filled) and it gives me a chance to move the interviews to 9am, so perhaps more people can hear them. I have interviews with Wendy Rule and Christopher Penczak coming up in June. Hope you'll catch them! Thanks for continuing to follow and comment on the Wheel of Wonder blog. Hope your catching the show on air or streaming!

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