Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wheel of Wonder April 22, 2012

We have forgotten who we are
we have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos
we have become estranged from the movements of the earth
We have turned our backs on the cycles of life
We have forgotten who we are
We have sought only our own security
we have exploited simply for our own ends
we have distorted our knowledge
we have abused our power
we have forgotten who we are
now the forests are dying
and the creatures are disappearing
and humans are despairing
we have forgotten who we are
we ask forgiveness
we ask for the gift of remembering
we ask for the strength to change
we have forgotten who we are
-----United Nations Sabbath project
from "the Quest for the Green Man" by John Matthews (2001 Godsfield press)

Though this message is intense its food for thought, information I love to share with you through Wheel of Wonder.  This Sunday is an exciting one.
What a great Sunday!  Happy Earth Day!  This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the origins of the Earth Day Holiday.  Where'd that come from?  When did it begin, and very importantly, what has its impact been on our modern, global earth culture?  This week is also the week of the KAOS membership drive, you can call right in, support independent, non-profit radio, and even here a live interview with Celia Farran!  She'll be talking and playing music, live in studio!
The music won't be limited to just Celia though, the information won't be limited to Earth Day, its an opportunity to learn more about community radio, and of course, to hear new voices, and lots of the great music you like on Wheel of Wonder.  Please tune in, and help keep independent voices, music and live pagan/spiritualist content on the Airwaves.  This week on Wheel of Wonder.

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