Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wheel of Wonder July 22, 2012

The wheels turn and its time for me to take to the road and the research again, just like a veritable Bard.  I won't be hosting Wheel of Wonder for a couple of  weeks, as I sally forth (energetically, but non-violently) to secure new Music, New Interviews and New Information to bring to Wheel of Wonder!  This week, July 22 Sy, from the Junglee hour will be hosting the show and next week, on July 29, it will be brought to you by Lois, from Morning Star Cafe.  Will I be back shortly after Lammas? I will try.  This weekend a great event is occuring down along the Columbia:  Summerstar spiritual retreat (and first ever real life quidditch!) followed next weekend by Faerieworlds in Eugene, OR.  I intend to get my shoes dusty!  Last week we spoke of New Age/Neo Pagan Relationships to spirits and Nature and a bit about public ritual.  The message from that show I share again:  May you all have good relations, with the world and those you meet in it.  Blessings!  Thanks for continuing to listen to Wheel of Wonder!
---Radio Ray  (The picture above is from one of my walks in the woods, near Deception Pass)

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