Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wheel of Wonder November 24, 2012

As we begin the new Celtic year, while drawing to a close on the Roman Calendar year, many people are finding themselves dreaming, thinking, or perhaps worrying about "the end of the millenia", in the sense of the expected "shift of reality" on the Winter Solstice of this year.  These ideas are woven into some New Age thinking and into the ending of the Mayan calendar, some seem to carry a certain nervousness about it.  . "The end of the world as we know it" does not inherently mean apocalypse, the death of humanity and such concerns as these, some look at it as more of the end of the old ways of being towards each other (the world as we know it) and our place in the natural order of things; Dominator or Co-Creator.  Whichever way one looks at it, it is an opportunity to reflect on what seems to work and what is no longer working in the structure of Human Civilization.
I've been recently re-reading David Korten's work on  "Empire (the dominator structure; few in charge, many beneath them)" and "Earth Community (the co-creator structure, collaboration for the good of the majority)"  Many believe its time to shift from the former structure, to the latter.  So this week I'll be speaking a bit about "Earth Community" (Korten, "The Great Turning" copyright 2006, People-Centered Development Program). Korten suggests human cooperation is like a forest ecosystem in some respects, this imagery will be with us this week on Wheel of Wonder.  As will new and independent, earth friendly music.  Your invited on the journey!

The picture to the right is called "Cascade Pass" and is by Ed Farrel taken in Washington State, USA

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