Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wheel of Wonder December 23, 2012

The Winter Solstice has come and gone again, and the wheel keeps on turning, now we can spin into a brighter era, a brand new year.  I had always had a hunch(which I've posted about before) that the great change at the end of the last 5000 year cycle would be a change in how Humans interact with each other, not necessarily how we experience matter in this third dimensional existence.  The experience of matter, dualism, and transdimensional awareness is still to come.
 Perhaps if, as they say, our physical relationship, on this Earth, to the energy waves (for want of a better term) of the Milky Way Galaxy are in more direct correlation (astronomical position) to our planet, will those subtle changes in Gaia's energy field (and our subconscious, or spiritually awakened sense of it) instill us with a stronger sense of connection to the rest of existence?  To the rest of Humanity?  Because now we are experiencing a different relationship to energies beyond Earth, will our perspective change towards cooperation and oneness?  Perhaps that would be enough to do the great work of the 21st century; Changing our societal structures from models of domination by the few (and usually very rich) to models of cooperation.  the model of the new Earth Community.  If so, then we as Humans are destined to advance as a species.  Some say that this is inevitable.  This gives us cause for hope!
Misty Musings, from the Maritime Coast.
The idea of a time of greater light (and perhaps magic and spirituality) has always been a theme that is woven through many cultures for the time after the Winter Solstice, so that's what I chose to speak about this week on Wheel of Wonder.  If you had wondered what music would be chosen for such a theme check it out on sidebar click: KAOS look for Wheel of Wonder.
 May this new age bring you great Joy and Light!  Ascend in Beauty.

The picture above is of an Alpine Guesthouse located in a National Park in Canada.  It is not my intention to advertise for them, but it is a beautiful place.

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