Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wheel of Wonder November 10, 2013

 The veil was thin, the ancestors looked in, and hopefully that helped you in your pursuit of Wisdom too.  On the wheel of the year, we've now travelled to the other side of Samhain.  This puts us in the dark part of the year when we look inward to appreciate our accumulated knowledge and the harvest of opportunities for ourselves and our communities, reaped from the seeds we've sown.
For any of you who appreciate Wheel of Wonder, or even visiting this blog to link to great music and information, this week, November 8th to 15th KAOS, the community radio station that made these forums possible, is hosting the fall membership drive.  I'm sure no one follows this blog for advertisements, and most community radio stations don't broadcast them, so the only thing that keeps a little, independent , non-commercial station like KAOS going is people starting or renewing memberships. That's why they have membership drives.  All our lives our interconnected and what seeds you sew for ourselves and for the too few non-commercial voices in the world media, means opportunities for all of us to grow in relationships and knowledge.  Please start or renew a membership this time.  It can be as little as $2 (USD), or as much as you like.  It is needed.
This week on Wheel of Wonder, I'm working on bringing all new music to the show.  Music from Louisa John Krol (thanks for following Louisa!), SJ Tucker, Denean, Wendy Rule, and others.  I'm hoping you will join me on the journey!

The picture above is called Samhain, and was found in the portfolio of creations by Midnight's Touch, on Deviant Art

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