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Wheel of Wonder August 24 2014

Susan Griffin writes in "You are where you live:  How the sky, rain, geography, and cultures of our place shape us." an article she wrote for YES! magazine in 2013:  "....not just forests and rivers but songs are part of what defines a region..." (January 30, 2013, full article also at
The idea that we as Humans are somehow above, beyond, or "Masters" of nature because of our innovative ideas on how to extract more resources by machine, or shape the immediate landscape of our surroundings is , I think , a very flawed idea that I'm exploring on Wheel of Wonder today.  Last week on the broadcast we discussed the idea of the Garden as perhaps not just a place in your yard or "territory"but an idea that can inspire creativity, love, and compassion in our minds.  A state of Gwynedd, as some druids may say (the garden of Gwynedd in this case not as just a physical place, but a state of spiritual and fully engaged awareness for the beauty, mystery, and spirit of the natural world), that can be shared with other members of society at large.  It has occurred to me, many others like Susan Griffin, and many indigenous minded people that part of what is keeping people from this ecstatic state of being, part of what is causing people to feel a sense of frustration and powerlessness is the artificial boundaries we've allowed those who would hold power over others to put between our different cultures, ethnicities and our place in nature, i.e: not owners of it, but children /creations of it.  Or as an earth spiritualist would say "children of our mother, the earth." 
Reflecting on this idea we may well see that this artificial separation is what allows wealthy corporations or individuals (the two being distinctly different things) to treat people so badly putting profits before people, displacing workers and destroying environments.  It is only by co-creating a global culture that affirms life and life-sustaining endeavors that are good for all people that the cycle can be disrupted and the future for all life on earth can be improved.  We have all the power we need to do this as modern, awakened humans capable of compassion and cooperation, but these innovative models must be created by all of us.  In nature that which contributes prospers, whether its fixing nitrates for plants, controlling populations of prey animals so they don't become ill or weak, and disrupt the balance of nature, while still supporting its own existence.  That which cannot adapt to fill a useful purpose (in humans this may well be those who produce no real goods for the economy, say stock market big shots and loan traders) expires.  We are at that tipping point now, it is up to the majority to be resilient and work on creating a better world that is cooperative and life sustaining. A clue:  I think this is best done through love and compassion for other Human beings, while still not allowing excesses to continue.
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