Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wheel of Wonder February 1st, 2015

Happy Imbolc!  Also known as Brid's Day and Saint Brigid's Day.  It is a time to renew one's vows and intentions for the year.  A perfect time to work on getting the Wheel of Wonder blog rolling again!  Seems I need an update on my home computer,  I can no longer access the posting function for this blog from it!  For those who are interested in Wheel of Wonder, the radio show, I will soon be on the website.
Of course, some of you wonderful people might spend more time reading through this blog, especially those of you in Australia who may not want to stay up until 3am to catch Wheel of Wonder!
Bridgit is an aspect of our threefold mother goddess, the name usually considered Irish in origin.  Brigid, of the Tuatha de Dannan, granddaughter of the good god Dagda.  She is the maiden aspect of our threefold Goddess, along with Danu, often considered the all mother of the Tuatha de Dannan, mother of the Welsh gods and goddesses too, The Morrigan, crone aspect of the Goddess of Irish myth,  Brigid, completes the triad.
Brigit, Bride, Brigantia this multi faceted Goddess is Patroness of Poets, Goddess of Healing, First maiden of the coming spring, and even the Goddess of metalworking artisans and "the forge."  Transformation and new beginnings is what this divine lady is about!  Imbolc is the time of the year, from an agricultural standpoint, when we see the foaling of the sheep, and the first growth of the coming spring, it falls half way between the Autumn and Spring Equinox.  Neo pagans use this holiday for "baptisms", rites of healing, and the renewal of their vows and intentions for the coming year.  Intentions to transform ourselves, refine our arts, and grow in to better people are all wonderful changes we can make in our lives, changes we can fuel through the fire of the Human Spirit!  Fire represents a transformational element, spiritually and physically (in some situations).  Speaking in faith and metaphor, Bridgit is the Goddess who brings the blessings of the flame from out of the dead and stagnant cold of winter and puts us on the path to renewal and new beginnings, represented by the coming of the spring and growing into the strength and beauty of the light of the spirit and the power of the summertime sun.

The picture of Bridgit posted above was a photobucket find, to visit the site, follow this link

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