Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wheel of Wonder October 25, 2015

As the bright flame of the Celtic year and all of its experiences begins to light the dimming year, more like coals than bonfires now, I begin to see the connection between the events of the beginning of the year and the experiences I'm having now.  Cause and effect , interconnectedness, the tapestry of living, these things surround me as I look back on the passing year and look ahead on the year yet to come.  Its in this spirit of connection that I find the awe and wonder of being one with all , yet singular unto myself as well.  As I prepare for my Samhain ritual and experience, I see the cyclical nature of this dance around the sun we call a chronological year.  I appreciated the sabbat of Samhain last year and the experiences it brought me, I will do the same this year, but this time I'll observe the Sabbat differently, with a different group of people, this is the harvest of my experiences , I've sown new seeds and now I'll reap the benefits of doing so.
  For some the world holds deeper magic now than last year at this time, and for others, they've found new groups of people they have things in common with, and that's what inspires their love of living.  Perhaps even, others have had loved ones they know die , and in that way leave their lives between last Autumn and this one.  Sometimes that can enrich one's love of life as well; a reminder that this incarnation is a fleeting moment in the course of time, one to make the most of as we head into another year.  The Celtic new year begins at sunset on the 31st of October on the Roman calendar, so happy impending new year, may it bring you a bountiful abundance of amazing experiences and blessed be!

 The picture above is entitled Mabon and is by Jason Harrison, The one below is from the "Witches of the Craft" Website

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