Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wheel of Wonder January 22, 2017

I don't actually know if its actually "The Trump Era" in the United States, but many people in this country are disturbed by what they think the newly inaugurated President will do.  Well, in the sense of US History, we've been in situations were unjust laws and viewpoints have been held by people in powerful political positions.  These "eras" cast long cold shadows over many people's viewpoints, and in some cases a instilled a fear in them that action would be taken against them just because of  their personal identity or genetic ethnicity.  The people who faced these fears stood up to them, organized against them and made some advances towards a more ethical and just society.  It seems that President Trump has inspired people into these sort of actions once again, though as Americans, we don't actually know what he is really going to do while he is in office.

To me it looks like a classic scenario of people forgetting they had a shadow side, a "darker side" and oppressing and ignoring it.  A Millionaire TV celebrity and a cabinet of White Millionaire/Billionaires now holding positions in government.  America, behold your shadow!  Ignoring and choosing not to learn from what your shadowside tells you, rather than making it disappear, will eventually make it impossible to ignore, at that point it could potentially become a dominant factor in your life, or perhaps the life of your country?  Our shadowsides seem to embody all that is flawed in our characters, but like a trickster tale, they are there to remind us what is wrong or ineffective in our lives and culture.  Pagans and Spiritualists who spend time , usually during the dark time of the year between Samhain and Imbolc, doing shadow work honestly engage their darker natures and the spirits, gods, goddesses, and personas that reflect it.  The trick then , as I understand it, is not to give in and become your shadow completely, but honestly consider and analyze what it is trying to tell you, so you can learn and improve your life.  Do you sometimes feel selfish or greedy?  Perhaps your shadowside is trying to tell you that you have not been taking care of your needs, monetary, material, and emotional well enough and you should give these more thought and plan actions that will help you to get these needs met?  If you don't, quite possibly your concern about these things will begin to consume your time and adversely effect your work, your lifestylle, and your relationships. 
This would be the shadowside "Taking Over" to insist it must be heard, wereas had one engaged these aspects, in an attempt to understand them and learn from them in the first place, they could be managed better and not become obsessions or social ills manifesting in one's life.  As with death and rebirth, Winter and Spring, hope and growth waits beyond the shadows, but first we must journey through them.  Many of these challenges we as a people can face together.  Take heart in that brighter day joining us from the future and blessed be!
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