Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wheel of Wonder Reboot December 24th 2017

Hello my friends and fellow travelers on the wheel of the year!  The Wheel of Wonder is still turning, I am still broadcasting out of KAOS (kaosradio.org) Sunday Mornings PST (7am - 10am for the time being).  I haven't posted for a year?!? WTF? I think the American texters say. Here's to holiday hopes and cheers that this will change in the coming up year.  It has been a busy and beautiful year! I worked many hours, every week, nearly every day, but the occupation kept me outside, in nature all the time.  Sometimes building new trails through state and national public lands with hand tools, large and small, sometimes walking among the Elk herds, or tending indigenous oak groves, sometimes preparing for and protecting people from the ravages of floods.  On occasion I would even do Naturalist Interpreter work ,or even educational outreach, about shellfish, shellfish harvesting, and the hidden and adaptive lifeforms thriving on these cold northern beaches.  And of course there was the National November Novel Writing Month Challenge (my third book). Thanks for listening to Wheel of Wonder and look for more posts here in the new year.

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