Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wheel of Wonder January 7 2018

As we prepare to take another Journey around the Sun, some of us cannot help but wonder  "Is this the year we learn to walk in balance? Balanced between masculine and feminine, balanced between human needs and natural systems?" Looking at the political movements across the global landscape is this the beginning of a time of balance between socialism and capitalism? Neither economic system seems capable of staying just and sustainable if let alone to go all the way to its ultimate expression, both outcomes would seem to be tyranny. For the health of humans and our home planet it seems we must remain vigilant and strong, yet open to some change. We seem to be in an Anthropocene era, which does not mean we have finally conquered nature, no, Mother Nature will remind us not to give way to hubris: flood, fire, freezing, forming hurricanes are still real possibilities to remind us we are not omnipotent, regardless of our scientific advances.

Perhaps this year will be another step towards transformation and balance. If we as Humans work together, empowered by that which has inspired us, informed through our new, and ongoing scientific discoveries and achieving awareness of each other's challenges through Compassion and Empathy truly amazing things can be done.

INSPIRED INFORMED AWARENESS is my wish for all in this new year

May light and hope guide us on our journeys, and blessed be.

A fine wheel of the year/interconnected world image from The Celtic Journey website
And a link to a wonderful video, related, but not quite the same composed/created by one Melody Sheep at this Link

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